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    I feel like a loser.  I feel like a failure.  Like I’ve lost myself… the self confidences that used to exude out of my pores is now gone.  The faith in my ability to do whatever I put my mind to, has disappeared with this time of nothingness.  I fight within myself on things like what am I worth, am I desirable, am I needed, am I useful… my Faith tells me that I am worthy, desirable, carefully made, loved, His beloved, but the other voices cry out so much louder.  The messages of the media, Hollywood, culture tell me a different story than that of my Faith.  The lack of words from other places maybe speak the loudest curses to my heart.  The fear of turning into the very thing I never wished to be.  This battle rages within me, and yet I get nowhere.  There are no answers for the questions I have.  I’m not sure that there are solutions that my hands can produce for the problems before me.

    I read of the years that Joseph waited in a jail cell before his time came, of Moses and his 40 years in the desert BEFORE the exodus, of David running for years in the desert from death … how long must I wait O Lord.  Is my patience great enough?  Is my Faith deep enough?  I pray they are.  But there are days like today, where doubt doesn’t just creep in, but rather overtakes me.  I do not fear that the Lord has left me or that His promises aren’t exactly the way He says it will be… no I fear me.  I fear what I will do when I simply can’t wait anymore.

    Can I bring myself to sing one more praise to His name?  Yeah, I just need to take this one praise at a time.

    O Praise You, my Lord.  You are the bringer of rest to my weary soul.  You are my God and nothing can take that away from me.  You will forever behold me, your precious child.  You will be my deliverer.  You are not great because of what I have done.  But my life is great because I am forever yours and you are forever mine.  I am so far from perfect and yet I am righteous.  The wrong I have done, the pain I have caused you is no longer a burden on my shoulders to bear.  Praise your name for that!  Thank you for freeing me, for loving me, for creating me, for leading me.  Oh yes, I am yours.  Praise your name.


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    The other day I got to work off a bunch of stress at the local “Water world”. I went there with a friend and her three boys. What a great time! It was around 3 when we got there so there were about 5 total other people in the whole place. It was a very large hotel style pool of only 3 feet deep, a lap area that was 6 feet deep, and a play area with playground sets in it of about 1 foot deep water.

    I had fun chasing the boys around and just floating around in the water. Here’s on of the boys!



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    It’s official. We have a space. A lockable space. A secure? space.

    What I’m trying to say is that we have a front door!!



    It might not look like a big step but its huge. Other workers weren’t willing to do their work until they could be sure their supplies and work would be secure after hours.

    So onward!!!


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    It’s always great to be able to look back and see how God handles all the frustrating stuff that I put out of proportion. It’s not until I can take a step back and start taking things one step at a time that I can really see His hand working. It’s an amazing feeling to know that I’m not alone.

    It was a pretty rough week last week. I had a ton of issues all come seemingly at once. We had a doorway too big and no one willing to fill the gap. We had many decisions still looming about which tile, hardwood, ceiling and other interior needs that weren’t being made. I had an expiring passport and a shorter time frame than first anticipated. And we have a team member struggling to get an approval for a visa.

    They are all now in the process of being fixed instead of just being problems. We have a door (even arriving a day early!) going into a doorway that’s the right size. We have picked out all of our tile flooring and our ceiling. I am sitting in the airport after a successful trip to the US consulate. Our friend is still waiting to see about her visa but at least she was allowed to submit a new application.

    So with things going in a positive direction and can’t help but be thankful.

    Hopefully tomorrow I can go back and see our new door (and post a picture!) If not, I know that it’ll be ok and it will all work out in the end. =)


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    Eww… Needless to say I didn’t follow the rules. I chose to NOT slip at all.


    Not even sure there is way to slip carefully…. Especially when the end is into a squatty potty.


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    What happens when you haven’t slept in 30+ hours? You go out cold. So cold that you don’t notice the fire outside your window, nor the 2 fire trucks or 6 police cars all with their sirens. Nor do you notice the growing crowd forming around on the street despite the fact that your window is wide open. Here is the picture taken by my roommate as I had no clue that there was anything exciting going on… Oh yeah…. I should add that it was only 9:45pm.



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    The Starting Line now has a building. But the building in itself, needs a lot to get started!

    It’s 400m2 of bare concrete. A designer’s dream. Good thing we have people to help with that, it’s sure not my expertise. The plan is to have 3 classrooms, an office, a library, a multimedia room and a kitchen.

    I spent all day yesterday looking at tiles, hardwood flooring and front doors. It’s times like this that I miss America. There’s no Home Depot or Lowe’s to shop at here so instead you have to walk in circles comparing all of these prices. The worst part is having to bargain in every shop to find out the REAL price.

    Of course once I found a door and we went back to measure the opening that we have, they didn’t match up. So now I have to organize someone to come fill a half a meter of bricks so that we can instal the door. No one else is willing to work inside until we have a door!

    Our hope is to have walls, ceiling, flooring and bathroom all in before July 1st!

    So far we have a bathroom wall!


    Many updates to come soon! I already have more posts set to roll out!


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    Wow it’s been busy!

    In January, I wrote about finally registering a company. Since getting back from Chinese New Year it’s been go, go, go to try to get everything else set up.

    First thing we have been trying to do is find an office space. It’s a little harder than it sounds. As with any business it’s location, location, location. Then the added complication of deciding that it would be better to purchase the property instead of renting! We have heard from too many local businesses that landlords like to secretly (or even not so secretly) watch to see how you remodel their space and how well your business is doing to determine your rent for the next contract. A long contract here is 5 years. So essentially every 5 years you run the risk of being price gouged for having a successful business. Or at times the landlord will simply just sell the property leaving you out to dry. So we decided a great solution was so find an investor willing to be our venture capitalist.

    It’s great to report that this past week our proposal has been accepted by an investor! Yay!

    Now we are working out the final details of acquiring the property that we want. We are trying to get a fair price and as soon as we do we can move forward with remodeling.

    Our second piece of news is that The Starting Line has acquired a website (still under heavy construction)!

    I am proud to introduce:

    SLICC or www.startingline.org

    Thirdly, I just bought over 300 books for our language center. They vary from books on how to teach English to classic literature in English to children’s books.

    It’s really starting to feel like a real company!

    Next step is getting business cards!

    More updates surely to follow!


  • So now we discover the origin of Santa Long Legs…. Why someone still thought it was a good idea to import this product into the States is still beyond me.


    (Santa Long Legs is a 99¢ store product of Marshmallows, made in China. Yes, marshmallows made in China. How it is cheaper to import sugar candy from China, I don’t know. But it’s now very very funny to see that I can find them here too!)


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    Hmm well that’s one way to do it….

    So the other fridge says that you shouldn’t carry it behind you, but what about on top of you?


    Next time you want to move your fridge you can try it this way…


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