• 31Mar

    Hey Friends and Family,

    I’ve decided to go with a non-spam mass email method about updating my experiences in China.  This way I’ll be able to post pictures, stories, and anything else I find relevant along the way.  Also, by using this website I can assure that I won’t have my emails simply filed into the “spam” folder or clutter any inboxes with any little updates.  Feel free to come by the site and check up on me, post some comments and share in my journey.

    First off, a lot of you might be wondering what is a Lup or a LupLup.  Well… in short… I’m a Lup or a LupLup.  It’s a self given nickname that has caught on over the years.  My best friend, Sylvia, speaks Cantonese with her family, and in general I’d have to say it’s a pretty intense language with very few pleasant sounding words or phrases.  But one day, like a piece of blue sky on a cloudy day, the words “luplup” came out of her mouth in the most pleasant and happiest tone I had ever heard.  I declared it to be my “Chinese name”, without even knowing the meaning.  In hindsight, guess I should have checked on it first.  It basically means, a grain or one morsel of something, most commonly identified with one grain of rice.  So, not the greatest of meanings, but I’m a pretty small person so it’s sort of fitting… and perhaps it simply tells of my knowledge of the Cantonese language, a mere morsel.  It’s sorta caught on with a few of my friends down in San Diego and it’s quite catchy if you ask me.

    Well, that’s the story of Luplup in a nutshell.  Plenty more posts to follow!


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