• 01Apr

    Here’s an update on my tentative schedule:

    April 8th : Last day of work at Bank of America

    April 11th: Drive up to Los Angeles for the weekend

    April 16th: Fly to Jacksonville to visit my brother

    April 21st: Return to Los Angeles

    April 24th: Return to San Diego for my last weekend there

    April 27th: Return to Los Angeles

    May 4th: Depart for Beijing, China

    May 8th: Depart for Kunming, China!!!

    I can’t believe that it is all happening.  It just seemed like a dream or a thought only yesterday, and now it’s becoming a reality.  Honestly it’s sort of frightening… leaving all the comforts of this current life to jump into the unknown.  I heard last week in the message, God doesn’t want us to be comfortable.  I suppose this is me complying with that thought.  =p

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