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    It’s interesting to stop and think about the prospect of not knowing your future.  In reality, no matter how much we plan, how much we think we are in control, there is never going to be a way for us to know what’s ahead.  Life just seems to happen.  However, with the whole idea of giving up my full time job, a steady routine, a nice room in a nice townhouse, etc… I’ve started to fear the future a little bit.  What will it be like to live in a country where you don’t speak their language… where you know less people than the fingers on your hands… where you’re not always sure what you’re eating… where you’re allergic to what most consider a basic necessity (yes, I the half Japanese girl is allergic to rice)… but then I stop and realize that God is in control.  And from that single thought I find a deep and comforting peace.  That is until the next set of whys and what ifs pop into my head… but then I just simply remember God is in control.

    I’ve been listening to a song pretty consistently in my car… You Alone by Echoing Angels.  I love the chorus.  “You alone are God.  I am yours and you’re mine.  And I know the heavens will call out your name if I don’t. ”  How amazing it is to be God’s.  I can only hope to be following where He leads me.

    In other news.  The countdown to days left of work is at 4 days!  This last week at work was crazy so I’m actually feeling a little burnt out on work.  It still hasn’t hit me yet that Wednesday is my LAST day.  It just feels like I’m going on vacation…

    Tomorrow my work is throwing me a going away party.  YAY.  I don’t think we’ve all hung out outside of the bank in a long time.  So it’ll definitely be cool to just relax and have some fun.  =)

    Many Blessings,


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  • Robert Says:

    Your picture makes you look like a zen master… if zen masters subsisted on some sort of high-dairy, fiber-free diet.