• 11Apr

    Well today (I guess really yesterday the 11th) was the first half of my move from San Diego back to LA, before I move to China… follow all that?  So I loaded the Suburban with the majority of my things and headed up today.  It was really weird to leave my apartment… it felt like any other time I’ve left to go home for the weekend.  It probably didn’t help that I still have things left in San Diego, so it wasn’t like my room was completely empty.

    Now starts the crazy attempt to really prepare for the big move.  Moving all my things definitely put a sense of realness to this whole thing.  It was a tangable, visible step to seeing myself really going towards China.  Before this it was all talk and plans.  Now those plans are starting to turn into actions.

    I’m still stoked and I know that May 4th is going to come before I even know it!

    Posted by LupLup @ 11:12 pm

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