• 01May

    So this past week and a half I’ve just been hanging out at home.  It has really felt like a summer vacation from when I was in high school or college.  Most days I can’t even remember what day of the week it is.  I’ve also had to deal with the consolidation of two rooms into one.  I took all my stuff from San Diego and brought it up to LA, but there was already stuff in LA…  Today I can finally say that everything is cleaned up… but now I have to PACK!  So more messiness.

    Some of the highlights of my last few weeks here:

    -Getting to go to my cousin’s softball games.  I only have one little cousin (Junior in high school!) and I wasn’t really able to get to see many of her games in the past (due to me living in San Diego and her playing in LA) so I’ve been able to go to four games since I’ve been back.  She’s really amazing at softball considering that she just started to play a few years ago!! I wish I could see more.

    -Going to the Dodger game with my dad.  We’ve had season tickets as long as I can remember, but I don’t think I really started to appreciate it until I was already in college and living in San Diego.  I LOVE my Dodgers… I bleed Dodger blue (why is the sky and the ocean blue??? That’s because God is a Dodger fan =p)… they’re going to be one of the BIG things that I’ll miss in China.  So I’m glad that I got to go to at least one game this season… and they won!! And Manny hit a homer!!

    -Going dress shopping for my bride’s maid dress!  Yes… I have a pink dress now (well when it arrives).  I’m super stoked to get to be in Molly’s wedding.  I can’t wait to come back for it!

    -Hanging out with my bank friends one last time.  We just went out for dinner but it was great.  I love those guys.  We really know how to have a lot of fun.  There’s always someone to pick on and make us laugh!  I realize now that I laugh a lot less without their constant source of entertainment.  =)

    -My going away party in San Diego.  It was so much fun to get to play some board games (BABY BOOM!) together.  I’m going to miss all you guys a ton and a half when I’m in China.


    It’s been a good month off from work, but now it’s coming down to the end of this vacation.  The good news is that it’s the start of a new vacation.  Beijing is my first stop, purely for pleasure!!

    I’m definitely starting to get anxious and nervous about the whole thing.  Sleep is something that hasn’t come easy lately, my mind is just constantly thinking about things to do still, things to come, and the things that have been.  I can’t believe that I only have two more nights sleeping on my bed.

    Though it all there has been a constant sense of comfort in knowing that God is in control of it all…



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