• 05May

    If there’s one thing good about a little jet lag is that you wake up early in the morning and have time to edit and upload photos!

    I’ve put a full album up on FB and here’s the link for all to see!  http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2380997&id=3309938&l=1f6f68ffe5

  • 05May

    After a 12 hour 40 minute flight I finally made it to Beijing. Then after being up for almost 30 hours straight I’m going to finally get some sleep! But not without a quick rundown of the day’s events:

    The plane ride was uneventful (of which I’m not complaining). I was in the window seat with no one in the middle seat and a nice older gentleman in the aisle seat. He only small chatted for about 5 minutes, then went on to minding his own business and slept most of the ride. I’d say that makes for a just about perfect co-passenger.
    The only complaint I’d have is that there was no in-flight movie. Sorta makes it a boring flight. Luckily I had rented a movie from iTunes (Hotel Rwanda) so I watched that on my computer. I was up almost the whole flight except for about a 4 hour window where I would sleep in 1 hour chunks. The flight actually went by pretty quickly.

    Once I arrived my friend Yan picked me up from the airport and we headed over to her parent’s other apartment to drop off our things. Then we headed over to Tian’anmen Square/Forbidden City. It was a great place to take pictures and just enjoy a nice afternoon. We actually met up with some friends from San Diego (Shannon and Kristina)! So cool to see people halfway around the world (yes, it was coordinated, not a random fluke).

    After the Forbidden City we went out to lunch. Yum. Now they know how to do chicken wings. Picture sticking two giant toothpicks holding the sides of the wing… so you can pick up the sticks and they’re like giant chopsticks holding the wing for you. Brilliant. I think I have a picture to upload later. Plus super delicious.

    After lunch we went over to the Summer Palace. A photographer’s paradise. I think you could spend a whole month there just taking pictures. I can’t wait to share those!

    After riding 2 buses and 4 subways, we finally made it home.

    It’s been a long day, but a really great day.

    I really like China. =)


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