• 07May

    Today was my last full day in Beijing.  What a great trip it has been.  I feel like I’ve seen so much in a really short period of time.  We went to the Heavenly Temple today.  It was a place where the Emper0r used to go to pray for things like a good harvest.  The interesting thing is that he prayed mostly to a god that they believed to be the god above all gods and was nameless… sound like anyone we know?  =)

    Another cool thing about that place is that it used to be so private, meaning that only the Emperor was allowed on the grounds.  Now it’s a place flourishing with locals and local culture.  Immediately from the time we walked in till the time we left there were locals dancing, singing, playing instruments, doing Tai Chi, doing Kung Fu stick with a sharp knives at the end, crocheting, and simply enjoying life.  It was a really lively place!

    Next we headed over to the Olympic Park area.  We walked down the pathway that separates the Water Cube and the Bird’s Nest.  They were both really cool buildings and fun to take pictures of.

    Then we went over to Yan’s parent’s place for dinner.  AMAZING!  Her mom and dad made fresh dumplings, a pork dish, a chicken dish, sprouts, chicken and vegetable dish, and another dish that I didn’t even get to try!!!  It was definitely enough food to feed at least 15 people… but there was only 6 of us.  Before dinner I got to help Yan’s nephew with his English homework.  Wow I didn’t know English was so hard!!! At least the way that they study it…. to make things harder the homework isn’t even written in perfect English.  It was very casual talk and more filled with everyday phrases that I’m not sure would make sense to someone who is just learning the language….

    After dinner we went to the bus stop… Yan rode her bike and I got to ride on the back of her brother’s electric bike.  I felt like a true Beijinger sitting side saddle on the back of a bike.  I think I’ve rode on all forms of transportation here now: bus, subway, car, rickshaw, and now on the back of a bike.

    Tomorrow we head out to Kunming!  I’m really excited to go out there but at the same time Beijing was sort of growing on me…. I can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

    Here’s a link to the latest pictures:




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