• 08May

    I made it to Kunming!  It’s mostly the same as I remember it from October.  =)  There’s really something special about here.  It’s so cool.

    We arrived around 6:30ish took our bags to the apt then went out to dinner.  Had some yummy Chinese food and popsicles then came home and just hung out for awhile.  It wasn’t anything exciting in the way of activities, but it is exciting to finally be here!

    Posted by LupLup @ 3:23 pm

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  • Casey Says:

    Sorry couldn’t tAlk today!! Casey B got me a 30 pack of candy bars… Now I feel sick!! She also got me a 4 ft cactus balloon… She said they didn’t have birthday balloons? (but they had cactus ones?!) we miss you!!

  • Gabers Says:

    Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself in China. That will make it feels like home so much more!