• 10May

    Yay it’s Mother’s Day!  So Happy Mother’s Day Mom!  Sorry I can’t be there to celebrate with you. =(

    It was a beautiful Mother’s Day here.  Kinda hot though… a very warm 90 degree day.  We started the morning by going to Sunday gathering.  I got to see a lot of the people I had met the first time I was here!  So fun.  Then we went out to Japanese food.  It was really good.  Apparently the place we went to imports all of their decorations and things FROM Japan.  Imagine that… their stuff actually says “Made in Japan”.  Haha!

    Tonight we’re going out with Yan’s cousin (who happens to live in Kunming and whom she’s never met!).  Should be fun.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all!  (well mostly all the mom’s).


    Posted by LupLup @ 12:18 am

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  • s Says:

    was it real japanese food? haha

  • Mom Says:

    Thanks for the Mother’s Day call and message! We missed having you here!

    🙁 Unfortunately the Dodgers weren’t able to win after 13 innings…

    Love you!