• 13May

    Tuesday was my first real day here… Yan is gone, and hence vacation is over.  Although I was able to do a few things here with Yan for my stay.  On Monday I registered at the Police Station (guess you’re supposed to say I’ll be here awhile… here’s who to call in case I get hit by a bus since I’m a foreigner), got a bus card (so I only have to pay .9 RMB [$.15] to ride the bus instead of 1 RMB… or something like that), got a cell phone for my local calls, and I checked out a language school (really cool, 1-on-1 education sounds really really good).

    On Monday I also saw Pam’s new office (also green for anyone that’s wondering… just a more pleasant shade… think HHI ultimate officials shirts).  We talked for a bit on Monday night about what I want to do… what my plans were… etc… to which most of my answers were… I don’t know yet… I just know I was called to be in China… not necessarily WHAT to do when I’m here… honestly I was feeling a little discouraged… I really wanted direction… but I didn’t feel like I knew where to begin… Pam asked what my passion was… and I honestly stated… I’m not sure I’ve ever been PASSIONATE about anything… I really like things (such as Dodger baseball), but I can’t say that any of the things I love are really my passion… passion sounds intense… and I don’t get intense (although I was pretty passionate about being right on the rules of DEFERING the kickoff… HAHA).  So I figured I’d just sorta get a feel for here and see what’s out there.

    So then Tuesday comes along… and Pam suggests that I go tour the city… kinda get lost on the buses… and walk around… I can’t say I was excited about that idea… but I did figure it would be good to go and clear my mind, pray, and meditate somewhere… so I took my map out… and started to look for where I wanted to go.  As I packed my bag with water, my map, a book, the Good book… I got a phone call.  “Would you want to go paint the room that we’re going to use for our school library?”… to which I said.. “UM YES!”

    Around 9ish I went down to the office and met two of the girls that work in Pam’s department… and we started off on our adventure!  We had to buy paint, bus to the school, and work on our project.  Now that sounds easy.  But not in China… and not when the two girls can speak a little English and I speak less Chinese!!  Haha.  And you’d think… ok head down to the local Home Depot thing and get all the supplies.  Uh Wrong.  You go down to the “Remodel district” where all these little shops all sell different things you’d need to build or remodel.  Aka, paint shops (where ALL they sell is paint), fixture shop, wood shop etc… So the girls go to the first shop and ask if they have “paint for concrete floors”.  No.  Next store, no. Next store, dirty look and no.  Next store, no.  We get to the “last store” as we’ve now come full circle in the “district”.  I decide to try to get the girls to ask more questions about what would happen if we used “wall” paint on the floor… not really that easy!! but luckily I had packed my Chinese-English dictionary.  Success!! But the lady says it might be a little slippery.  I say that’s ok.  So begins the bargaining process… she comes back with a high price still… so I say (to the girls to translate… ) that we want brushes for free then because their price is high.  She says Ok… I say sweet… I want ROLLERS! To which they say… no no no that won’t work…  and I’m thinking uhhhh YEAH it will… what’s wrong with Chinese paint?? hahah.  Unfortunately they convince the girls that the BRUSHES are better… and them never having painted anything in their lives, believe them… SOOO I negotiate to get at least ONE roller…

    We get to the site (they deliver the paint… after getting lost) and come to find out that they THIN their paint like crazy here… one part paint one part thinner PLUS some THICKENER agent that said it’s use was for painting cars… I figure ok whatever… low and behold my beloved ROLLER works like a CHARM… and the brushes (while usefull for the edges….) is terrible!  Especially with super thin paint!!! Hah.  Oh well.  The roller did most of the work and it came out alright.

    Blue Floor

    There’s Ruth working on the floor =) A fun pretty blue!!  This is just step one of many in getting this library set up for this school!

    And for those of you wondering why is this following in my mom’s footsteps??  Well she used to be a librarian… and everyone said I’d grow up to be like my dad the engineer…. hehehe.  Perhaps that’s tomorrow when I start making a floor plan and working on fixing the leaks in the building… it’s not good news when it barely rains and there’s water in the room… =)  Oh how China is fun!

    I can’t believe I’ve only been gone a little more than a week… it feels like it’s been a lot longer but in a good way.  I feel very accomplished as far as seeing some pretty amazing things in Beijing to already having started fun things here in Kunming!

    Until next time!


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  • s Says:

    ooh, the blue is pretty! the roller needs a much longer handle…or I can see it being very tiring and painful to paint the floor…unless..you’re short.. =P

    I’m sure you’ll figure out what you’re supposed to do in China. After all, you’ve only been there for a short time so far.

  • Anet Says:

    That’s pretty amazing that you are able to negotiate and have discussions about paints. Did you pick the color? (blue for Dodgders) =P

  • George Says:

    What an amazing story, keep writing, I bet, we all love it!!

  • Molly Says:

    Geez friend.. you’ve been there for slightly over a week and you don’t know God’s awesome amazing huge plan for your life? Get with it girl I mean i’ve got it all figured out *wink* So I think Gods plan is like a mosaic… We try to get real close and analyze it and try to figure out the big picture, but it’s only in trusting and taking a few steps back and letting go of “our” logic that we are able to see the bigger picture and the beauty of the artist. Up close it’s only colors… But a few steps back it’s a mural.

  • Mom Says:

    LOL! Yay, a library! =) Yay, books! How exciting!

  • s Says:

    nice metaphor Molly, i like.

  • LupLup Says:

    Thanks Molly! So often I forget to take a few steps back and maybe a few deep breaths (or as they say here breathes)! =)

  • LupLup Says:

    Anetx2!! I was lucky, apparently there’s subconscious love here for the Dodgers!!! The girls wanted blue for a “calming” effect and to make it fun! Perhaps I’ll hide a Dodger logo in the corner too! =p

  • s Says:

    dude, you should totally buy a bunch of dodger gear and bring it back to the girls and everyone you guys work with…next thing you know, there will be dodger following in KMG!