• 17May

    Perhaps prayers have been answered… I found a job to do!  Later this week I’ll be heading out to Mangshi to teach some English…. I know what you’re thinking…. WHERE did this come from!!  My only guess is that HE is providing… I hope. =p

    So I went to a prayer meeting with Pam on Friday, I walk in and this guy who I met like once (Jeff) is like… what are you doing here in Kunming?  I say, “Nothing much”.  He says, “Nothing?!?!  Want to go teach English in far away part of Yunnan?”  I instantly thought, “uh… no.”  But instead he proceeeds to tell me about it… small details… how they need an English teacher for just a few weeks while the other English teachers are away… etc etc…  the whole time I’m thinking… “uh… no”.  So I instead say, “um we can talk more after the meeting.”  So then the meeting starts (it’s in Chinese… so I’m a little lost most of the time… left to my own thoughts about what Jeff said).

    After the meeting he tells me more details, only this time I’m more interested… because I’m thinking that this might be the answer I’ve been look for.  I’ve been wanting something solid to do… and here was something.  I go back the apartment and basically dwell on it for the rest of the afternoon with prayer and study.  I decide… I think this is what I want to do.  So I meet with Amos (Jeff’s son who was instrumental in getting the English school started and just came back from there) and find out more details.  So I agree… and I think I’m headed out there on Thursdayish.  We’re still working out some of the details.

    An interesting point is that Jeff later told me that he’s known about this need for awhile, but he never really asked anyone… but there was something in his head that morning that said… hey… Ask Her.  Crazy… crazy good… =)  Such things could only come from Him =)

    The details that I know right now…

    -it’s a school that teaches people of all ages (mostly school aged kids) English as an additional studies course.

    -the classes are held in the evening and consist of 2 time slots during the week, and a full day on Saturday.

    -they will provide me room and food

    -it’s very hot and tropical there

    -the classes are no bigger than 15 students

    -the classes are intended to be fun for the kids (as this is an additional class on top of their REGULAR 8 hour school day)

    -the classes are currently ALL being taught by the principal’s wife (I think they said something like 19 classes a week… I think)

    -I’ve comitted to 3 weeks

    -I’m excited to be possibly taken away from the “comforts” of Kunming…. this place foreigners are rare, where as Kunming foreigners are quite common.

    -HE is good and will provide.  =)

    I’m not sure how rural or modern this place is… so I hope that I can still have some type of Internet access to keep everyone updated.   But I’m getting more info soon.

    Praise HIM for all things.


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3 Responses

  • Yan Says:

    hey lup, teach the kids on “how to fix things around the classroom” and train up whole bunch of young labors over there ^_^

  • s Says:

    leaps of faith! yeah! i hope there is internet too. teach them how to speak english and not engrish. teach them about dodgers. haha 🙂

  • Anet Says:

    You’ll make the class so much fun! =) You can play charades with them or something hehehe…