• 18May

    Here are some things that I’ve learned so far:

    1. If you see a puddle on the ground, it’s most likely some kid’s or some dog’s pee.  Do not step in it.  It is never a fun rain puddle.

    2. On the same note… if you see a grandpa running out the door towards the sidewalk with a kid sitting in the grandpa’s arms (in the position of using the g-pa’s arms like a toilet seat) it’s probably because that kid is going to create such puddle from #1.  So get out of the g-pa’s way FAST!  (Too bad Pam learned that one the hard way!!!)

    3. The bus has the right away ALWAYS.  Even if you’re a pedestrian with the green to walk… just remember that RED lights don’t apply to buses.

    4. If you’re a bus driver, the only way to come to a full stop is to stall the bus.

    5. If you’re a foreigner, and a local is bargaining for you… just don’t say anything at all.  Just be quiet and pretend like you know what’s going on.  As a foreigner you’re getting a 75% hike in the price….

    6.  Orange Capri-Sun/Sunny D magically becomes Minute Maid OJ when you add pulp.

    7.  Hanging on to and holding your friend’s hand is completely acceptable and normal for walking down the street.  (Although not as bad or as awkward as one would think….)

    Some fun experiences I’ve had have been:

    1. Going to a Chinese buffet.  It’s just as bad as it sounds.  The first sign that it was going to be an interesting night is when you walk on the floor you immediately slide 5-6 inches.  All you can eat and all you can drink (beer included) makes for an interesting crowd.  Another interesting note from the night… is watching someone take their chopsticks to put a raw piece of chicken or beef on the hot plate… then immediately go and pick up something else and eat it…. I think I heard that germs don’t apply in China… unless it’s the swine flu… THEN they’re SUPER paranoid.  Here is half of our table… basically you get “raw” food from the middle of the room… bring it to your table which includes a “hot pot” at the bottom (one spicy and one not) then a griddle on top.  You take your “raw” food and choose the way to cook it… and then if you don’t like what you’ve eaten or have bones/shells… you spit that on the floor… on a positive note… those white things on the grill is AMAZING tofu.  Delicious.  If I had it my way I would have eaten that the whole time.  Haha!


    2. Shopping for supplies for the library.  We went to basically a glorified swap meet exclusively for furniture and other household items.  We were there for almost 5 hours.  The bargaining process is AMAZING.  No matter how crappy it is… they are always telling you how sturdy and how well made it is.  It was also really great because you have your own personal “shopping cart/delivery truck” following you.  This couple followed us around for the whole 5 hours… “helping” us find things to buy.  But their REAL job was that they own a giant “tricycle” which serves as a delivery truck.  We bought…. 6 tall tables, 6 short tables, 30 tall stools, 30 short stools, and 5 bookcases.  After 5 hours of following us around, the time loading the furniture, 2 trips to the school that was about 1-2 miles away (mostly uphill)… we paid them 80 Yuan… aka 13 US dollars. (and the girls were trying to pay 60, in-fact… were rather UPSET to pay 80!)  Here’s our guy coming up the street…


    3. We had the best bus ride ever on Sunday!  We were going at least 50 MPH on narrow roads the whole time… dodging Scooters, bikers, pedestrians, other cars… PASSING other buses… Pam and I were laughing the whole time… I was basically holding the hand thing so tight and holding most of my weight with my arms because my legs couldn’t stay planted from all the momentum shifts… when we got off the bus, both of our hands were BRIGHT red from having held on so tight.  It will be the bus ride in which all future bus rides will be compared to.

    4. We saw some crazy tree moving on the way to dinner last night.  Not sure what was going on except for the fact that the road was basically blocked by full grown trees hanging out the back of a mini pickup.


    5.  A blue room can turn into a library with just a little bit of furniture!!  Now we just need books!


    All in all, China is great.  Now on to my next journey.  Tickets are bought!  On to MangShi on Thursday!


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  • Mom Says:

    Oh wait…I hope Item #1 of The Things You’ve Learned So Far isn’t related to the reason you can slide 5-6 inches in the Chinese Buffet…:-P Ahh, now I read what is really on the floor…ummm, either thought is well, not the most appetizing!

    The table cooking methods looks like a combo of shabu shabu and cooking on the hot stone in Belgium (don’t suppose you remember that…)! The buffet was a cooking and eating experience for you!

    Ooo, love how the library is coming along! Now all you need are the books and readers!!! Good job!

    On to more adventures! Good luck!

    Love you!

  • s Says:

    i love this post!!!! 🙂 it’s so fun to hear about all the strange things over there..haha

    omg those ppl followed you around for 5 hours? crazy..and i can’t believe they are carrying all that furniture in that tiny car thing

    raw chicken..then other food..then eating it…SICK..that is disgusting..salmonella

  • Gabers Says:

    I love how that room looks like a Science lab. just goes to show that a few things really changes your perspective

  • Auntie Anna Says:

    Very interesting post! It sure brings back memories… I remember some of the restaurants I went to were so slippery Pam had to help me up to walk out! So great to know you are helping in setting up the library.