• 21May

    I’m successfully in Mangshi now, but getting there was half the battle.  I originally went to bed last night with a little bit of a sinus problem… so I took some sudafed last night… and that was that… I woke up with a little bit of a sinus problem… took some more… and then weirdness started… I started to see funny lights when looking at the screen… and I started to get a bad headache… attributing the lights to the headache and the headache to the sinus problem… I figured that it would all go away soon with the meds.  Wrong.  Headache escalated into CRAZY headache… and then dizziness… and faintness… and nausea.  I basically stumbled through the security check at the airport… walked by the bathroom towards the gate… made a quick turn around back to the bathroom as the nausea really kicked in.  Spare you the details… I didn’t eat anything so really no real details except what normally happens when that all goes down and there’s nothing in your stomach.  Felt a little better (in the sense that the nausea was gone) but the headache was SO bad.  I stumbled onto the plane… I think it was maybe a quarter full… so good thing!! no one in my row!  I try to fall asleep… can’t due to the pounding head… start to land… previous problem starts… no fun.  Like I said before good thing no one was sitting next to me.  I can’t imagine sitting next to someone in my condition.  Probably think I have the swine flu or something.  Stumble off the plane… grab my bag… find Joe (the principal of the school)… excuse myself for being extremely under the weather…. he drives us to his place… I must have looked bad… because he and his wife insisted that I “take a rest” (funny saying that all the Chinese people who can speak English say)… I laid down… fell asleep… woke up feeling 75% better… ate some bread… drank some water… felt mostly better… although I still have a lingering headache.  I don’t know if that’s what spiritual warfare feels like… but it definitely was NO FUN.

    On the good side…

    I got to visit the “school”.  It consists of 2 classrooms and 2 offices.  Very nice and quaint.  I also got to sit in on one of the classes.  They were mostly in the age range from 8-10 with a few outliers.  This particular class had 8 kids in it.  The class is mostly fun things and command, act based.  The teacher says something… the kids do it.  The teacher shows a picture, says the word, the kids repeat it.  Then they do actions with the pictures.  No writing and very little reading, at least for this age.  It was fun.  It’s also kinda cute because the teacher is from Argentina, so the kids have a Latin accent sometimes when saying words… like book.  It seems very laid back to teach and fun.

    The family I’m staying with is very nice.  It’s Joe the principal (a Chinese guy) and his wife the Argentinian teacher.  I was told not to ask how they met… so I can’t answer that.  Hah!  They have two kids… Elias is 5 and Melisa is 1.  It’s cool Elias speaks fluent Spanish and Chinese and some English.  The mom speaks almost entirely to them in Spanish and the dad speaks a combo of Chinese and Spanish.  We joke that I’ll return with better Spanish than Chinese.

    I sorta miss Kunming.  I was just starting to feel like I knew my way around and I was getting to know a lot of people.  It’s weird to have to “start over” in a sense, but I’m really excited for this new adventure. This town is really small (small being ONLY 1 Million people!!!), but it is definitely more country than city.  It reminds me of Lijiang.  And I will need to become proficient in the use of a squat toilet……. fun…… attempt 1…. actually a success… let’s hope to keep it that way.


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  • Mom Says:

    🙁 No fun going somewhere by yourself and feeling yucky…perhaps you need some magic Chinese herbs?!

    Glad to hear that everything else seems okay. Hah, hah, so you’ll end up speaking Chispanglish! With a French accent?!!!

    Good luck with getting adjusted! Hope you’re feeling better fast! Then you’ll be able to post some pictures!!!

    Take care!

  • Auntie Anna Says:

    Wow, I don’t know which is worse, the overnight bus ride to Lijiang or this:( I’m glad you are feeling better.

  • Gabers Says:

    Oh man, that sounded like a really tough day, I’m glad you got through it. Hopefully your days ahead is going to be way better =)