• 23May

    After a whole 3 hours of training… I am now an official teacher.  Who needs credentials anyway or Master’s programs or CBests???

    Today I taught 3 classes.  The first group being kids I helped teach on Thursday.  That one was fairly easy considering I already knew their skill level and where they were in the material.  The key topics were… “I am going to…” and “I am hungry.  I want to eat…”  It’s a lot of teacher says – children repeat – teacher says – children repeat – children say on their own.  I don’t know if I teach too fast or if it’s because the kids are smart… or if there’s not enough material… but we sorta wizzed by things… and I had to start thinking on the fly.  So I decided that “Simon says” was a good idea… and we finished the class with a nice long round of that.  I think part of my problem is that I don’t really like the “songs” that they have on tape…. they’re kinda weird (as in made up by some people down here… so I don’t know them… and besides that they’re still weird), but they do have some classics like The Hokie-Pokie and The Wheels on the Bus.

    I watched Lorena (the wife who taught all the classes before I came to help) teach the youngest and newest group following my class.  That class was a lot like a kindergarden class with some word stuff… followed by drawing… followed by songs… followed by a story.

    After that class we went home for lunch and a break.  During which we went to the local clinic to get some meds for a cough that I haven’t been able to shake.  It was starting to get worse… so I decided that it was time to do something about it.  You’ve got to love China clinics… Joe says to the Doc “she has a cough can I please have some prescription like medicine”… Doc “who has a cough”… Joe points at me.. Doc writes down on a paper something.  Gives the paper to Joe… who then takes it to the “window” where there are pharmacists?… who then write down the price… and return the paper to Joe… Joe then takes the paper with my money BACK to the doctor… who then gives Joe change and the paper… Joe then RETURNS the paper to the window where we are given the drugs.  I received no medical exam… but I have cough meds… let’s hope they work!… oh an all for $3 USD.

    The really cool part about that trip was that when we got there, 2 guys were getting treated for serious road rash!  Apparently they were on their motorcycle going very fast… and either spun out or flipped… but both guys were ALLLLL cut up with some pretty intense scrapes.  They were at this same clinic walking around with some type of cleaning/clotting meds on all their wounds… but nothing covering them… so they’re just wide open to the wind and the dust…. it was pretty crazy!!  I wonder if something serious like that costs like FIVE USD or something.  HAHA.

    Class 2 was at around 2:30… I was given the lesson plan for a beginner class… similar to the one I observed before lunch… when the kids started to come in I noticed that they were much older that the earlier class… but I just assumed that they were “new”… we started to go through the farm animals… and to my surprise the kids in the class KNEW EVERYTHING already… and were going really really fast… I was like uh…. these kids are either brilliant or I was given the wrong lesson plan.  During the break I asked Joe if these kids were really the beginners… and he says… uh no…. these are like the most advanced… like the ones you taught this morning.  EEEKS.  So I go get the other material… and get back on track after the break.  Whew.  We’ll just play it off like we were doing some serious review.  haha!

    Class 3 was the medium level kids, but this was a class of 16!!  Much different than my classes of 8-9.  I had to really change things… more group activities and less single person tasks.  We did more songs… simon says… and good stuff like that.

    All in all… I’d have to say that things went really well.  I think I still have to figure out what the school really wants to focus on for the kids.  But I think it’ll get easier as time goes on.  I had a lot of fun, but I was for sure tired by the time the last class was over.  Especially since 16 kids demands a lot more energy.

    I think tomorrow we’re going to fellowship (as long as the other foreigners are around and not on trips… so I’m told).  It might be nice to meet some new people.  I’m sorta missing community here.  The family I’m staying with is really cool, but I sorta lack people in my age range to talk and relate to…

    I just got some great news that Katy is going to come visit me!!!  Woohoo!  It should great… she’s actually going to come right before I go back to the states and we’re going to fly on the same flight home!!!  I hope she learns a lot of Chinese… because all I’m learning here is Spanish.  HAH!

    I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!!



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