• 27May

    1.  The temperature can magically rise in the evening.  Making any nice day turn in to an extremely uncomfortable night.  For instance all day today was 72… low humidity.  Now at 10 PM it’s 79 degrees and about 50 % humidity.  Yuck.

    2.  Mosquitoes only like American blood.  I seem to be the only one in this house shooing away mosquitoes or having any marks from a result of bites.

    3.  Doctors are very cheap here.  I went to three doctors, received 5 medicines, 3 drips (all over 3 different days) all for a TOTAL of 80 Yuan… which is about $13 USD.

    4.  A serious cold can be cured with IV meds.  So I’ve been sick ever since I arrived.  And it basically got worse everyday.  My nose became more clogged, my chest became more congested, I was losing more energy…. we went to the first doctor on Friday… got some meds… they didn’t work… went back to the doctor Sunday… got different meds… they seemed to help very minimaly…. so yesterday (Tuesday) after class I had run out of some of my meds… so I suggested that we go get more… we end up going to a different place… The place basically looks like a “store” with a glass display in the very front with a limited selection of meds… an older man (I’d guess in his 60s at least) comes out… starts “yelling” not because he is angry… it just seems that’s the way he talks… Joe asks me… “do you want an IV… he thinks you need an IV”…. I respond… “I don’t know Joe… do I WANT an IV????”… Joe says… “I’ve gotten them before here, they work”…. I ask… “Do you trust him?”… Joe says… “I’ve known him for a very long time, he is a good friend, I very much trust him.”… I say… “Ok if you trust him, then I trust him”.  Talk about faith… I believed in my heart that the Lord has prepared a plan for me and is guiding me… so I go for it… there’s something that Pam’s been saying that has definitely resonated with me… “No regrets.”  Meaning… when there is a crazy thing that’s before us, we hope that we’ve lived a life of no regrets… so there is nothing to fear in death.  Not that I want to die.  But to me it sorta reminds me that He is in control and boy it feels good!! So I trust… not to say that I’m not WORRIED… but I go with it.  Right now I might consider it one of the best things I’ve done… I felt better almost as soon as we got home.  I went from feeling about 40% healthy to about 85% healthy.  I have only a very limited cough… my nose is hardly clogged… but I FEEL really good… I got 3 bottles of something… I think 2 were different drugs… it took about 30-40 minutes… not to say I would let ANYONE do it … but if someone said that they knew the doc… and trusted them… and this is what they were recommending… I would definitely do it again.  Mind you I only paid 44 YUAN for 3 IVs… that’s about $6-7 USD… take that American health care…

    5.  You can take the simplest thing for granted.  I bet most of you never stopped and appreciated the fact that you can go and “SIT” in the bathroom and take care of your business.  Some of you might even enjoy reading, doing the crossword or sudoku while getting rid of some waste… or simply just wasting time.  I used to be one of these people… not anymore.  We have a squat toilet here… basically for those that don’t know… it’s like a mini-trough? a porcelain hole in the ground?… it has a hole at one end that goes to the sewer system (of which I am totally thankful for… it could be worse you could have to squat AND smell waste… I don’t, so trust me I AM thankful for what I have)… and then it’s almost like a toilet without the seat on the other end… and a very small pool of water… I’d recommend googling squat toilet… it’s rather hard to describe… but I’ve honestly never had to concentrate while using the restroom!!  I don’t want to “miss”!!!  Hah!  I do find it less sanitary… less comfortable (as you are forced to squat to decrease your chances of missing)… less aesthetically pleasing (it’s a glorified hole in the ground)… and more awkward.  But let me just tell you… don’t take being able to sit for granted!!! Men you might have it easy on one end… but we all know who takes longer to take care of their business on the other end….

    6.  Apparently a lot of people here have trouble with the concept that I am ALLERGIC to rice… and with rice… should probably go RICE PRODUCTS.  This is something I’ve learned not only in Mangshi but lots of places… it’s always important to ask… does it HAVE RICE IN IT?  Do not trust that just because you’ve told people that you’re allergic to rice (and they know it very well), doesn’t always mean they realize that accounts for EVERYTHING made of rice… for example… RICE candy is probably not a good idea… RICE noodles are probably not a good idea… all have the word RICE in it and probably therefore are RICE products and therefore I’m probably ALLERGIC to it.  Fun times.

    7.  House shoes are confusing.  So we walk in the front gate of the home… walk with our outside shoes up to the tiled area… where there are house shoes… but house shoes don’t go on the living room floor?  only bare feet… but house shoes can go from the front gate to the tile where we once walked with our outside shoes?  House shoes also go in the bathroom where the aforementioned number 5 is… so honestly… I don’t get it… are they to be clean? dirty? somewhere in between?  I’m so confused.  So perhaps this is one thing I haven’t learned.

    All in all it’s been great here.  Especially since I’m feeling better now… still not 100% but I’m getting there.  Tomorrow (Thursday) is a holiday here… for what, I don’t know… but hurrah for a day off?  actually 2 since I think Friday is a day off too?

    I’ve been told this blog is probably a good place for prayer requests… so here are a few.

    -I can only stay here for 2 more weeks, however the English classes continue.  When I am not here the wife/mom will have to teach ALL of the classes.  That’s one class every night and 5 classes on Saturday.  Her son gets home from school around 5… she can play with him until 6 when we eat dinner… and then she has to go off to work to teach after dinner… she doesn’t get home until basically his bedtime… she feels that her son really needs her more… so please pray that they can find another teacher to help them.

    -I have a friend that is trying to get a visa from China to Greece for a conference.  Pray that God will show her where He wants her to be…. give the embassy wisdom in their decision for her.

    -Pam’s department is working on some huge stuff in addition to summer camps, pray for wisdom for all of their department and everyone involved.  That they will see God’s direction for all of it.

    -The library is set to open officially June 1st.  Pray that everything goes well in getting it all prepared!



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  • CM Says:

    I’m really enjoying reading about all your adventures! 🙂

    Before your next visit to China, you might pick up some B vitamins. They do something to the body chemistry that bugs don’t seem to like as much.

  • s Says:

    lol house shoes…hahaha..

    crazy IV….crazy

  • Auntie Anna Says:

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better. No fun getting sick when you’re away from home. Squat toilets! ha ha…It was a battle for me every time I used it so I totally know what you’re talking about! I never appreciate sitting toilets so much. Will remember your requests. Is this site secured?

  • K Says:

    hey lup! so sorry to hear you’ve been illin’, but i’m glad that you’re better and that chinese healthcare is so economical. i am curious to know what was in those IV bags, though. =)

  • LupLup Says:

    first off not an IV bag… an IV JAR… think 1940s medicine… but no clue what was in them… I kept trying to read the labels but it was pretty hard. I think one was HCL or something like that?

  • K Says:

    hydrochloric acid (HCl) is a typical additive to drugs, e.g., pseudoephedrine HCl, or tramadol HCl or many antibiotics with HCl, it helps absorption. i’m still curious, but i’m glad you’re better!