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    Life is pretty “normal” these past few days for me.  There hasn’t been much that’s exciting for me to write about…

    I teach classes every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night from 7:00pm-8:30pm.  And then I teach 3 classes on Saturday, one at 8:45-10:15, 2:30-4:00, and 4:15-5:45.  All of classes meet once during the week and once on Saturday.

    We’re mostly learning about places like: house, train station, airport… modes of transportation like: car, airplane, bicycle… foods like: apple, pumpkin, chicken, beef…

    We roughly use those 1000 word books, the one that has the cute little duck in all the pictures…. well that’s where most of the vocabulary comes from…

    I’ve been trying to add common sentences, starting with “My favorite ____ is _____”.  The kids catch on really fast, I find myself forgetting that they don’t really speak English.  The hardest part is trying to work on giving individual attention while controlling/entertaining the whole class.  I noticed that it was really easy for the kids to just “pretend” like they knew the words by letting the kids who actually know it say it for them… so I’ve been trying to give a little more one on one listening and pronunciation work… but it’s hard to not lose the class.

    I’ve been trying to add in games and activities that I know from the states, but it’s really hard to “teach” the rules.  Remember these kids don’t really know English… so imagine trying to be an example of how to play all the different parts… hah.  I imagine it’s pretty funny for the kids.

    My favorite part is probably when you call on the kids to answer a question, they stand up proper and answer, then sit back down.  It’s old school style.  It catches me off guard a lot of the time… I’m always like… what are you doing… oh right… you guys do that… haha.  It’s also fun to see the kids having fun and getting excited.  They love playing this math racing game that I do in order to help them with their numbers.  Two kids basically race to finish a math problem, but the trick is that they have to be able to say the answer in English.  I love giving really long problems… it makes it more fun!  We played pictionary in yesterday’s class and that was really good too.  Hopefully they’re learning!

    In other news, I’m starting to finally feel better!  I’d say I’m about at 90%.  I started to take Tylenol Cold a few days ago and that’s really seemed to help a lot.  It’s good at helping me to dry out.  =)

    Hope all is well wherever this finds you!


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