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    Well I took some pictures of my classes.  I only have 2 of them (I forgot to take a picture in the last class!  I’ll take it on Monday I hope).  There’s also some random pictures of fun things I’ve seen in Mangshi…


    This is my Primary 3 Class.  Meaning they’re the least experienced.  They’re the class I’ve taught the most simply because I taught them on my first day in Mangshi.

    In the front from viewing left to right is : Jessica (probably the best in this class at English… but she’s a talker in class… she is probably really good at hearing Jessica be quiet… but maybe she doesn’t know what it means???) Anna (this was her first class… but she’s already taken some English so she’s pretty close to the top of the class), Susie (who has trouble remembering her own name… haha and always is “helping” Lisa even though I think that Lisa might actually know more than Susie now), Lisa (who is 6 years old and probably the cutest kids… I love the way she says “I’m Lisa!”)

    The middle row (left to right again): Joe (the most ambitious, he definitely tries the hardest),  Mary (the best volunteer), Carol (not the best… but she’s cute)

    Top Row: Harry (the most obedient, he sits up the straightest, and is very much a “Chinese student”), Kelly (very quiet… I usually can’t even hear her when she’s talking), and Tom (the tallest kid in all the classes, but he probably has the worst pronunciation… Yao Ming better watch out this kid is only 11).


    Primary 1- Meaning they’ve been learning the longest.  Probably my favorite class because they pay attention the best and are fun to teach. This one is hard to teach though because they range a lot in their English skills just simply because of their age differences… it ranges from 6-11.

    The Back Row (Left to Right): Carol (probably shouldn’t be in this class… she’s never seeming to pay attention or have any retention skills.. haha!), Pam (second best only to Doris in all the classes I teach), Doris (really really good at English, really fast learner, I usually end up giving different/higher skilled questions to them), Rena (her first day in class and already better than half of them)

    The Front Row (Left to Right): Daisy (is fun to teach, last class we couldn’t get her to remember “starfish” to save her life… but we worked on it… and the next class she got it!!.. but we had some good laughs because it was so funny that I would just quiz her on the same word over and over and she couldn’t remember!!!), Jake (only 6 and it shows, he’s so happy when he gets one right though), David (is always surprised when he can’t remember words… which is often… and looks baffled… it’s kinda funny), Eric (loves to distract David).

    Kids are basically the same as they would be anywhere.  They like to pick on their neighbor, don’t like to sit down, some kids are good, some don’t care.  I basically sympathize with teachers more now, trying to keep kids entertained for an hour and a half is hard enough, much less a whole day.


    Here is the family’s son, Elias.  He’s 4 and speaks fluent Spanish and Chinese, and can converse in English a little bit.  He loves to look at Transformers, watch Buzz Lightyear, play with his car/bike thing, play with anything you’re playing with, doesn’t like to eat dinner or lunch, love to drink juice, loves to shoot you with his hand, and karate chop.  He’s a ton of fun to play with.


    Here’s a street in Mangshi.  Most streets are lined with palm trees, have shops on the first level and offices or apartments on the top floors.  Average building is around 4 stories.  Most people either ride scooter/motorcycles or walk.  Not too many bicycles or bus riders.  It’s a pretty small town (1 million people) that I’d have to say is probably on the poorer side, I’ve seen a lot more low quality living here, but there are also really nice parts.  It’s hot and humid here (at least while I’ve been here).  It’s rained about 50% of the days I’ve been here, but not the whole day.


    Here’s the prices at the Dumpling Place.  10 Boiled Kind for 3 Yuan.  Meaning less than $.50USD/Dumpling.  With discounts going up as you buy more.  We got 130 dumplings for 40 Yuan or a little over $6.


    There they are.  Yum.


    Here’s Melisa.  She just turned 1 a week before I got there.  She walks, but doesn’t talk yet.  She blabs a little bit, but I think language might be a little late just because she’s hearing Spanish, Chinese, and English all the time.  She understands commands like throw this away, give this to this person, come here, sleep.  Super cute except when she wants out of her high chair and when she’s screaming in the middle of the night.


    How could I resist putting up a picture of this… or taking a picture of this… it’s MEN’S underwear.  Note that this is even in XXL.  Who wouldn’t want their man sporting some good ole Hello Kitty Underwear?  If anyone wants me to bring them back some just let me know… China is one funny place.

    I’m back in Kunming on Friday!

    Hope all is well with you!  I love all the comments.  =)


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  • Yan Says:

    Imagine doing a fund-raising event sporting in Hello Kitty Underwear…or having a dog beauty-contest wearing them (make a split or poke a hole for tails). We might be able to collect a whole bunch of $$…hahaha…jkdg…

  • Anet Says:

    Kitty has to see this!

  • s Says:

    aww the kids are so cute! elias is so fun even though i only talked to him once..haha 🙂 and wow…WOW to that last picture….and it’s not even boxers..its tight…hahahahah

  • Mom Says:

    Sylvia!!! 😮

  • K Says:

    the underwear picture makes your website rated PG now. heh heh. the dumplings look GOOD!! try not to gain too much weight over there.

  • Kitty Says:

    I’m stuck between drooling for the cheap yummy dumplings and the cute Hello Kitty underwear-

  • Mike Says:

    enjoy the cheap price quality food. looks like u’re getting along with the kids more and more…very cool.

    Hello Kitty…makes u glad it’s UNDERwear. actually, i know of a friend, who’s probably one of the manliest guy I’ve known, who has hello kitty paraphernalia for his car like a hello kitty air freshner and matching head rests…no shame in that! 😉