• 14Jun

    Only 2 weeks left in this trip!

    On Friday I arrived back into Kunming from Mangshi.  I already miss teaching a little bit.  But I have hope that more teaching just might be in my future.  Still a lot of things to work out, but I’m being hopeful for God’s plan.  It sure is good to be back in Kunming.  I love the big city life, with the walking and the buses.  I feel so much closer to things and now have the ability to walk to where ever I want, in Mangshi I was in the outer edge of the city, so walking was an option, but you just had to be ready to walk for a good 20 minutes to get to something worth while.

    Yesterday I went to fellowship with my new friend Kate.  She’s from Hong Kong so it’s nice that she speaks English AND Chinese.  After fellowship we went out to lunch with some people from fellowship and they all spoke Cantonese!!  I just can’t seem to get myself around Mandarin to save my life!  We had a great lunch.  It was on the expensive side… meaning I spent a whole FOUR USD!  It was I think around $30 for 7 of us and two kids.  We had a full fish, a beef dish (which was cool cause when they brought it out… they lit whatever liquid was in the bowl under the meat on fire!  and the meat was on a mesh grill like thing…), an almost like sweet and sour pork looking dish, a potato dish that was very similar to hashbrowns, a plate of buns, a vegetable dish, and an egg dish.  After lunch several of us went out on the town.  We went to several shopping areas… now shopping isn’t my favorite thing, but it was sorta neat to see a lot of the culture and items that are sold.  Most of the area was like an open air market type place where people are just selling their items on a glorified cart.  Our next stop was….

    McDonalds!  Hah.  I haven’t been to one yet in China… so it was kinda a fun experience.  We went there just for a snack of ice cream and someone got some fries.  Here’s some pictures….


    There’s the menu… look familiar?  It was basically the same style as in the US.


    There’s the cash register and the worker.  I like their outfits here.


    This was on the placemat.  So I guess they have a little bit different food here.  This is like a Sausage McMuffin but with grilled chicken?… maybe they have that in the States… but I seriously can’t remember the last time I went to McDonalds in the States for anything other than ice cream.


    I’m not sure it’s really visible… but I took a pic of the receipt to compare prices.  The Ice Cream Sundae that I got was 6 RMB or a little less than $1 (so almost the same)… the Large Fry was 8 RMB so a little more than $1 (so way cheaper)… and a Medium Sprite was 5.5 RMB or less than $1 by a bit (so way super cheap!!!).  But this food is super expensive in Chinese standards.  I’ve figured out that things are priced the same here as in the States, it’s just that the exchange rate makes it SOOO cheap for us since we get to essentially divide everything by 6.5.  So if you think about it… they’re basically paying 6 BUX for a Sundae and 8 BUX for fries… now it sounds expensive eh?

    I’m so excited for my friend Katy to come visit!  She gets her on Thursday!  It’s going to be hilarious.  We should get a reality show or something to tape two chicks running around China without knowing Chinese.  It’ll be great.

    Hope all is well wherever you are!


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