• 17Dec

    Hey all!

    After a long wait I finally have a plane ticket back to Kunming!  I’ll be leaving January 26th (or really really late January 25… depending on your view of things).  So late late Monday night.  I’ve secured a place to live in Kunming.  I haven’t seen it but it used to be my friends Beth and Nathan’s old place.  They’re moving to a different part of China and were looking for to sublet the apartment (as they have a few years left on their lease).  I think it’s a 3 bedroom place?  I’ll also have some housemates!  My friends Ruth and Xiaolu will be living with me!

    The next few steps is to try to find a school to go to.  I have a few options so it’s just a matter of finding out which one is going to be best for me.  I also have to go get a visa.  Rumor has it to try to get a tourist visa now and change it to a student visa while I’m in China.  Supposedly that’s easier.  We’ll see… if I’ve learned anything from my China trips it’s that easy isn’t really in their vocabulary.  Haha.

    I hope that everyone has a great Christmas and New Year!  I’ll be celebrating in Florida with my brother!

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