• 28Jan

    Alright so I think I’m going to get my exercise in here… today I went to my new apt from the girl’s office… the route consists of a 5 minute bus ride, a 15-20 minute walk, and 7 flights of stairs.  The last two parts would be from anywhere I come from, so needless to say there’s a good amount of exercise that I’ll get if I go anywhere.

    We didn’t quite make it to shopping yet, but the plan is to go today.  Hopefully we don’t buy too much given the aforementioned requirements when going back to the apartment.  It’ll be nice to get things into the apartment because it’s super echo like with the concrete walls and tile flooring… there’s just no place for the sound to go.

    The weather is really nice here.  It’s a cool but comfortable temperature during the day (around the 60s) and at night it cools down (around the low 40s).  It’s nothing that isn’t unbearable.  It’s super dry here though, I was stoked to find that I had some Burt’s Beeswax Lipbalm in my backpack.  What a lifesaver.

    The food is great.  It’s amazing how cheap food is here.  We got 3 bowls of noodles for around 5 yuan total (Less than $1 US)!!  Last night we ate some great food that’s close to my new apartment.  I has high potential of being an eating spot of mine… if only I can learn what and how to order!

    I’ve heard word from a few people here that there is a new Chinese school/class in town that’s been getting good reviews.  Hopefully I can find out more soon.  I think that the goal right now is to try to figure it out before Chinese New Year so that way when I get back I can start right away.

    Off to Walmart!

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