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    From the last few days of walking to and from my new apartment I’ve managed to make a new friend.  The first time we went to the new apt we stopped to grab a bite to eat at a “restaurant”… it’s your basic “hole in the wall” “mom and pop” place that sells food.  The lady that runs (and possibly owns) the place was super friendly and the food was super tasty.  A thought ran into my head that since this lady was so friendly and since the place was so close to the new apt… I would try to befriend her… then she could help me when I needed to be fed!  I told the girls my plan and they seemed to agree that the lady was really nice, the food was well priced, and it tasted good.  So we ate their for dinner too.  She recognized us (I’m sure it helped that I was a foreigner along with the fact that the 6+ times I’ve walked by it’s not ever super busy) and we had another great meal.  My plan is well under way… I try to say Ni Hao (Hello) every time I walk by… and she always has a smile on her face when she’s saying Ni Hao back!  Today I went there for lunch/dinner… but when I first got there she wasn’t in… but when she did arrive back she saw me and tried to talk to me… but since I was without the girls… it was a little rough… but we laughed at my inabilities to understand her…


    Here’s one of the things I’ve eaten.  Delicious!  All this food is only 6 Yuan or less than $1!!!

    I’m just glad that I didn’t pick the restaurant that was selling this next picture… Perhaps it’s to show it’s fresh? Real? Some things here just can’t be explained…  but it sure makes for good pictures!  I don’t even really know what animal it is… maybe somethings are best be left unknown (to at me that is… I’d rather not think about it too much).  PS: It’s attached.


    Some of my favorite things so far have included:

    Crossing the street:  You think that sounds simple so how could it be my favorite thing?  A) There are rarely crosswalks where you want or need one (not that I’m sure that it matters… keep reading).  B) If you’re crossing at a street and are lucky enough to have a crosswalk AND a pedestrian light (walk/don’t walk), don’t automatically think that you can cross the street without being run over when it’s green to walk.  Pedestrians do not have the right of way here, but GROUPS of pedestrians seem to.  I suppose it’s harder or rather more complicated to hit a bunch of people than just one.  C) Cars are not the least of your worries.  You have to watch out for bikes, motorcycles, mopeds, electric scooters, and the most dangerous of them all THE BUS.  Buses are the top of the food chain.  You can make a bike swerve, you can make a car stop… but a bus will stop for nothing expect a red light (most of the time) and a bus stop.   All these reasons and many more make crossing the street a game of human froger.  It’s my favorite when you’re standing in the middle of traffic.

    Vendors: While walking the streets it’s fun to observe all the different shops that you pass.  Most of the buildings are like those in New York or other big cities, where the bottom floor of a building is shops and there are apartments or business offices on the floors above.  What gets me is how many people open a shop NEXT to someone with the same specialty as themselves.  Gate welders next to gate welders… convenience shops next to convenience shops… window glass people next to window glass people… hairdressers next to hairdressers.. and if you’re lucky there will be at least 3 or 4 of them all next to each other selling the SAME things.  Very fun.

    I have a good prospect in a school for learning Chinese.  Tomorrow I think we’re getting more info about the school.  Pam and I were thinking that maybe it would be good to go to the school and get a private tutor.  Just to help things along.  We were thinking it would be really cool and actually feasible to get pretty good language skills in a year… that is if I’m diligent about it.  I think it’s going to really help living with the girls rather than another foreigner… it’ll be like having even more teachers around.

    Next post I’ll upload some pictures of my place!

    Blessings to all!



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