• 03Feb

    So here are some pictures of my new apartment pretty close to when I first got there.  So these are the before pictures… Saturday the girls are moving their stuff over so once that’s situated I’ll take and post the after pictures… for now welcome to my home!


    So this is a view from the front door.  Immediately on the right is a very small room that will be made a office/storage room.  Immediately on the left is a bedroom (most likely the future room of Xiao Lu)… Straight ahead in the back you can see another mini hallway area… to the right is another bedroom (most likely Ruth’s room)… and to the left is my bedroom and bathroom.  Where all the stuff is on the floor, that’s the living room… with the dining room being essentially the same room just on the right side… there is a bathroom that is just to the right…  and on the far far right of that middle section is the kitchen.


    This picture is standing in the very back of the living room area.  Behind me is a balcony.  And in this picture you can see the doorway to the bathroom (the white doorway thing on the left) and the kitchen in front.


    Here is a view from the back corner of my room.  I’ve bought new bedding since the taking of this picture.  My friend (who’s apt this used to be) was kind enough to leave me a few things to get started in case I was going to be living there right away.

    Well that’s the tour for now.  I’ll update with more pictures after the house isn’t so empty anymore.

    In other news, an interesting event has occurred where the water in Pam’s apt building is off.  Apparently this happens sometimes?  It’s been off I guess for the whole day… it could make for an interesting night if it doesn’t come back on… we’ll all be rushing to the office in the morning having to go to the bathroom.  Let’s hope it comes back soon!

    Oh the exciting things that happen here!  So when you go to turn on your water… just be grateful!



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