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    Today completes the marathon of stair climbing.  We moved the girls from their old apartment (on the 6th floor) to our new apartment (on the 7th floor) today.  Luckily there was a good amount of help from their friends and the one hired mover person.  Needless to say I think I will be sleeping rather well tonight.  It’s much nicer to have things in the rooms, there is a lot less echoing when you walk and it looks more like a home!

    Right now I’m borrowing some nice person’s internet connection but it’s not the greatest signal.  So I will post pictures when I have a better signal.

    So my plan to make friends with the restaurant lady totally worked!  We ate there for dinner tonight and I ordered noodles (in a soup) with a variety of vegetables and pork.  Halfway through my meal she comes over with another cooking pot thing… and is like here I made you more of this!!!  It was some spinach like vegetable with more meat!!!  Awesome.  Ruth told me that she said that she likes Americans.  Woohoo!  I had SO much food I found myself stuffing myself with the last 10 spoonfuls (well chopsticks full) of noodles and vegetables.  Yum!

    In other news, a few days ago I went with Xiao Lu and Ah Jing to go visit a boy in the hospital.  He comes from a very poor family and Xiao Lu crossed paths with him at one of the migrant schools that she was working in.  The mother had approached the school asking if they knew anyone that could help her boy with getting surgery because he had a hole in his heart and blood going the wrong way (which apparently seems common here… I’ve already heard of several others with the same condition).  The school told her to ask Xiao Lu because he knew that she came from an organization that might be able to help.  Ordinarily Xiao Lu’s organization wouldn’t be able to help because they simply don’t have the budget to fund surgeries, but they were able to find an organization that could!  They were able to coordinate efforts between an American doctor that has created good relations with different hospitals and funding from his org.  What’s really great about stories like this is that so often when parents here find out that there is something wrong with their child, the temptation exists to abandon their child at an orphanage.  They will either do that because they know that their child can get the care they need there or they simply don’t want a “defective” child.  So it’s really great that we can in a sense “reward” this mother for not giving up on her son.  He went in for surgery today and the initial post surgery results are good!  It’s amazing to get to witness lives being changed!


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  • Mom Says:

    Good news about the boy! Hope his recovery is quick although with youngsters it usually is! Keep us all posted on how he is doing.

    Haha, your Kunming Mama-san will certainly make sure you get something to eat! And for you there is no cooking or clean up! What a deal. Hopefully you won’t be sampling anything with a furry tail hanging out of it…!

    Hope you slept well! LOL, or did you have nightmares of never-ending staircases?!!!

    Have a good Sunday!

  • Linda Swanholm Says:


    Linda gave me your site. It is great and I am enjoying reading it. I can’t wait for another update. It’s such a neat experience! Except for the TAIL! lol


  • LupLup Says:

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying it! Everyday seems to be an adventure here from riding on the fullest bus I’ve ever been on… to riding on paved streets that turn into dirt roads… while being on the a fore mentioned bus. Life is definitely exciting here. Happy reading.