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    Hey all!  (I’ve been so excited to hear that I have a bunch of new readers… welcome!)

    First off, I found out that the little boy with the heart operation (on Saturday) got to go home today!  He’s doing amazing, even the doctors are shocked.  They were so proud of him, even sharing that they were surprised that he didn’t even cry once!  Pretty amazing for a 7 year old boy!  I heard today that out of the 4 operations that this hospital did, his was the only successful one… not sure what that really means about the other people… but I think that shows us how truly amazing it is for this little boy to be going home today.  There were so many hands in this and a huge effort made by Doctor Bob (an American doctor who was able to not only coordinate the hands here, but also the funding for this family… rumor has it that it was about 100K US to get this done).  Praises be to God for all the coordination that this took and that the boy is doing well!

    Now on to the madness…

    Today I headed down to my future school for studying Chinese.  I think I’ll be doing 14 hours/week over 4 days.  The school is about a 20-30 minute bus ride East from where I live.  From what I can gather it’s owned by a husband and wife and they have about 3-4 teachers/workers.  I was told that I needed certain documents to enroll, of which included a medical certification!  Apparently I needed to take a physical at a specific medical center???  I really have no idea why but as I’m learning you just “go with it!”.  Since the Chinese New Year holiday starts this weekend and lasts for 2 weeks… I knew I needed to get started on this right away.  Off to the doctor’s!

    Everything started normal… fill out a piece of paper with some medical history, address, name, etc.  Go to a different window to pay.  Then let the madness start.  First room, the ultrasound room.  I had a full abdominal ultrasound.  Mom I’m NOT pregnant!  HAHAHA.  Then I’m told to go across the hall to the next room, X-Ray room.  I’m then grunted at by the Xray technician and given a pointing motion to go inside the xray machine room.  I find the footprints to stand on… and proceed to get xrays taken.  TB test maybe?  All’s well so far… then I’m sent once again across the hall but down one door to the EKG room.  I’m told to read a sign… “please raise your trousers up and your socks down so the ankle area is clear”… uh… ok? “lay down on the table” “lift up your shirt so that your heart area is clear”… uh… ok.  Then I’m clamped at the ankles and the wrists with what I can only describe as looking like jumper cables for your car… and then suction cups are attached to the areas around the heart…  and all I can say is that I sorta felt like Wesley hooked up to the machine of life.  After the reading was taken… I became sorta  nervous when the two doctors kept looking at the reading.. and pointing… and discussing… and pointing… and discussing.. but finally I was motioned to leave.  Upstairs to the next stop.  Blood work.  4 Tubes filled.  Next stop.  Urine sample.  Fun times?? (note that this is one of the few times I actually think that the squatty potty is actually beneficial!)  Then I’m sent BACK downstairs but this time the other side of the building.  I go into the first room.  Stand on a scale.  Measured for height.  Sent across the hall!  Told to read an eye chart… with my glasses on?? and only 2 letters per eye??  Sent across the hall again but down a room… I get my blood pressure taken.  106/68 in case you were wondering.  Then I’m told to go back to the first window!!  Please note that in every room… there was at least 1-2 doctors who ONLY work in that room.  So strange.  Hopefully I’m given a clean bill of health after the Chinese New Year so then I can start classes!

    I’ll be on a two week hiatus… as I’ve been invited to my friend’s (LuDe) hometown for Chinese New Year.  It should be a really great experience as she’s from the countryside.  Apparently we’re going to kill chickens and pigs?  I emphasize the WE.  I can’t wait to share THOSE photos!

    Happy New Year everyone!  Or as they really call it here Spring Festival!


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  • Mom Says:

    YAY! for the little boy!

    Congrats! for finding and enrolling in a language school!

    Yikes! for your medical adventure!

    Whew! for negative results! Haha!

    Um, EWWW (and good luck!) preparing your meals in the country…

    and Enjoy! Spring Festival!! Have fun!

    Take care!

    Love you!

  • NetNet Says:

    Hey Lup! Just wanted to make sure you know that I’m following your adventures online! Have a great Spring Festival! =D

  • s Says:

    don’t kill the piggies!

  • Paula (Meyer) Young Says:

    Hey LieghAnn, Sorry to hear about the medical exam does not sound like fun! Best of luck with starting school!

  • Katy Says:

    So classic…oh man I miss china!!!! I got a little teary eyed reading all these posts– i can picture it all:) PS the black chicken doesn’t even compare to what I would like to call the donkey tail.