• 25Feb

    Today I officially have registered for my Chinese Class!  After getting that crazy medical exam, a document from the police station saying I registered with them and 4 passport size photos I’ve accomplished all the needed tasks to start school.  I’ll be going to school Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-12 am (in a classroom setting) and then I’ll have 3 more hours TBD during the week of a 1 on 1 study.  I’ll admit that I’m a little nervous about having to go to school again.  It’s been almost 5 years since I was in school!  The good news is that what I’ll be learning is going to be immediately applicable and useful!  I can’t wait to be able to say more things.  I’m also excited for a formal learning experience for Chinese… it’s been cool getting daily lessons of this word and that… but it’s not really things that I write down and memorize.

    A really cool thing happened yesterday.  Ruth and I went to my “friend’s” restaurant to eat dinner last night and my friend told me that she’d make me something special!  Ruth ordered chicken and noodles and my friend made me a rice like noodle that’s super fat and super chewy… it tasted good, but the super chewy gooeyness of the noodle was a little bizarre.  But the cool part is that when we got our meal Ruth and I bowed our heads and Ruth said a prayer… after we were done my friend came over and was elated.  She said Oh I’m a Christian too!  Ruth and her talked awhile about it… I think things like where do you go to church… etc… But super cool!

    I spent the past few days painting and moving Pam’s office to a new room.  It’s a lovely pastel greenish color (not my choice) and the desks are all in there.  It always funny to work with the girls at these type of things.  They’re amazed at the simplest things.  For example, today we were putting their cubicle things back together (total trash things… “made in China”) and there are the face plates that sorta slide down but are flimsy and because everything isn’t quite right you really have to force it down… so they’re metal pieces and kinda sharp… so I get a big book… put it on top of the plate… and start pounding it down… it goes down super easy and I’m able to put a lot of force on it… something like that seems like perfect common sense to me… but amazes them… and they go… “Oh wow… it’s cause her dad is an engineer”.  Hah!  How about that Dad!

    Good times!

    I love the DVD shops…  I just bought the whole Band of Brothers series for a whopping $4.40.  I’ve watched the first 2 episodes it’s really good!  And it’s even seeping into my dreams as last night I dreamed of fighting in some kind of war…

    That’s all for now… this weekend we’re finally getting a dining room table and chairs!  We can finally sit down when eating dinner (apparently it’s a no-no to sit on the couch and eat dinner… so we’ve been standing in the kitchen… )


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  • Mom Says:

    Congrats! Haha, did you get a new outfit for the first day of school? Pencils, paper, new bookbag?!! 😛

    That was neat about your restaurant friend! Do you know her name yet? And what was that chewy, gooey noodle? Or maybe you don’t want to know…!

    Have fun furniture shopping! I guess that part is okay…have fun getting the stuff up all those stairs!!!

    Take care!

  • Fontaine Says:

    Just thought I’d say hi! I love your blog and reading about your experiences in China 🙂

    I never knew it was a no-no to sit on the couch and eat dinner… I do it all the time here haha…

  • Katy Says:

    PLEASE take pictures of them transporting the furniture to your place– hopefully they stack it all on one cart:)