• 27Feb

    Yesterday while cooking we had little incident….

    Our stove/cooktop thing is right by the window and in order to prevent our window from either igniting in flames or being caked with grease splatter we keep the window open when cooking.  Normally this is not a problem for anyone… but apparently we need to be careful when cooking with lids on the pots!  Susanna was stirring a pot with a lid… so she thought she’d just quickly stir it with the lid on… well… the lid slid off the pot… out the window… and down all 7 stories into the grass below!  Luckily no one was standing right under it… but when we went to the balcony to check it out… there were people NEAR it… sorta looking up… also the people in the floor below us were on their balcony looking up to find out what happened… Susanna sheepishly went down the the 7 flights of stairs and retrieved the lid… I think having to go down and then back up the stairs was a good enough “punishment” for her…. Haha.  Good times.

    I think I’ve finally finished furnishing my new place.  (Pictures to come as soon as my internet is better!)  Yesterday I bought a dining room table (seats 6), a corner bookcase for my room, and a tv stand.  Today I bought new curtains… my old ones were bright orange… so my new ones match my bedspread and are much more soothing… The light in my room is white light… not orange tinted!  The table is probably my favorite thing so far because we can actually SIT to eat dinner.  Plus we can play games and have something to write on… also once the internet is set up (hopefully it’s done today!) I can sit at the table to use my computer… and then I won’t have to sit in this awkward position on my bed to get the net…

    If you could find time to say a prayer for Xiao Lu’s (my roommate) friend that would be great.  She has a condition that has to do with the circulation in her arm… it causes her arm to swell a lot… and apparently only a few years ago it was only effecting her up to her elbow, but now it’s getting worse… she can no longer write (it’s on her right arm) and it’s moving towards her chest.  The doctors have told her that she should have had a surgery years ago to remove her arm to prevent it from spreading and that now it might be too late.  She’s going to have a surgery to try to alleviate the problem, but there’s still the risk that if it keeps spreading that she might lose her life… so she needs prayers that something can be done!  Thanks.

    Hopefully my next post will be using my new internet!  Keep your fingers crossed!


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  • LupLup Says:

    I’m totally bummed apparently the internet was a no go… this apartment isn’t wired for it or something… ::sigh:: on to plan b I guess.

  • Mandy Wilson Says:

    Hi LeighAnn,

    This is Mandy (your Mum’s friend).I have been reading your blog and really enjoying it. Your have your Mum’s talent of writing and bringing what you write to life! Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.Looking forward to reading about your next venture. Take care for now.

    Kind regards,


  • Mom Says:

    Haha, looks like you might need to attach a “safety” grate on your window for UFOs – unattached frypan objects!

    🙁 Sure hope plan B for your internet works…uh, what is plan B?

    We’ll keep Xiao Lu’s friend in our thoughts. How terribly frightening. Keep us posted on her condition. When is her surgery?

    Take care. Stay safe. You never know what might flying around…!

  • LupLup Says:

    Hey Mandy!
    Great to hear from you. Glad to hear that you’re entertained. =) I really feel I smile a lot here, a lot of things are just so funny. You’d be happy to know that a lot of the people that learn English here use “England English” words… such as calling pants, trousers and adding “u” in the words like “colour”. But I’m working on fixing that! Haha.
    Hope all is well in Mass. Try to stay warm!

  • Mandy Wilson Says:

    Hi LeighAnn,

    Just found your response! The pictures you are taking are great. It looks like you are having an amazing experience.Interesting to know that the people there use English words. I expect on your return to America you will have an English accent!
    We are just starting to thaw out here in Massachusetts. Keep smiling!
    Take care for now………..