• 05May

    After 48 days of bringing joy to my life… I have lost my good friend… my bike.  Some one else has decided that they were more worthy to own it and ride it.  We shared a lot of good memories together… a lot of pain and a lot of joy.  ::sniff sniff:: I didn’t even have time to find a good name for it.  Just as I was seemingly figuring out how to work all the ‘unique’ features to my bike… someone goes and takes it away from me.

    Today I was at a friends house helping them with some work they had for the upcoming summer camps.  I parked my bike in the stairwell and put my lock on it.  Thinking that we were leaving at 1 pm… and arriving at 9am… I didn’t even think much of it… as there were other bikes in the area.  We ended up leaving my friend’s apartment at 3:30… and lo and behold… no bike.  =(  I didn’t even get to say good-bye.

    And so the adventure begins on finding a new one!  All is good.  There is always His purpose to everything.  If anything I’ve learned to ALWAYS park my bike in the bike garage places… no matter how far or how inconvenient they may seem.  And perhaps with my next bike I’ll invest in multiple locks?  The only thing I can hope for is that whomever uses my bike next will like it as much as I did.  At least now I have an excuse to be lazy and take the bus to school.

    I’ll miss you bike!


    Posted by LupLup @ 4:22 am

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  • 2Lup's Mom Says:

    Oh how sad! 🙁 Will the lock be difficult for the next “owner” to remove? Perhaps you need a bike alarm?!! I guess it is on to another bike buying experience! And major bike locks, too!

  • NetNet Says:

    You scared me with the title…

  • s Says:

    what the….lol

  • Wayne Says:

    It’s all Linda’s fault that you lost the bike… She had to ask about the crime rate and you replied that bikes are stolen. You didn’t have to prove it to us.

  • Uncle John Says:

    I sympathize with you over the loss of your friendly bike. I had the bike of my childhood dreams for a short while when Linda and I were engaged, but not long after we were married, if my 48 year memory serves me well, someone else felt they needed it or had a right to it, probably since he (I presume) did not have a boy’s three speed bike with caliper brakes and a small pouch behind the seat, and what all black except for the chrome on the wheels. Even after 49 years, I grieve for my also nameless bike. But now that I have Darren’s old bike, which I have ridden to the end of the street and back once in the last month, my old heart is consoled. So may it be that another bike will come into your life to keep you safely in company in transit.
    On another note, we had a most enjoyable trip to Florida for Hannah’s pinning and graduation. We made all of the necessary connections, the weather was good, the events, especially the MASH party after the graduation were a lot of fun, and we are back home, no worse for the wear.
    Our escrow on the house in Idaho also closed while we were gone, so that is now a done deal.
    The service for Hubert brought out an auditorium full of folks with an overflow in the fellowship hall. There were eight rows reserved for the family and they filled them. There were also a lot of them who were at the graveside service too.
    Better luck with your next bike.