• 21May

    Some pretty fun stuff has happened since my last post… not quite as entertaining as my last post… but still fun none the less.

    First off,  I got a new bike!  Yay!  Last Saturday I was able to make it out to the bike shop.  Here it is!


    Look familiar?  It’s the same bike as my last one but this one has a fancy purple paint job.  I bought this one from the same vendor as I bought my last one, let’s just hope this one sticks around a little longer.  While it’s the same model as the last one, I actually feel like this one rides a little smoother.  The gears change nicer too.  It’s been nice to have a bike again.  It makes it easier to head down to the elementary school to help out at the library and visit with my little friend.  On Friday I played with a bunch of the kids after school.  We played basketball, badminton and some fun game that was almost like combining the baseball game of pickle with dodge ball.

    On Wednesday after working at the library we had dinner with the boy who had the heart surgery and his family.  He’s doing amazing.  There’s no way that you’d be able to tell that he recently had heart surgery.  His cheeks aren’t rosy anymore (0ne of the side-effects from his old heart condition) but he’s still cute as ever.  I love that this kid is always smiling and laughing.  He’s so much fun to be around and play with!  Here’s a picture that we took at dinner.


    Chinese class has been going well.  In my classroom class (which will just be me for the next two weeks!) we are almost done with the first textbook.  I’m guessing that at the end of the week we’ll be finished with it.  In my one-on-one class on Friday I got to learn how to use the old fashion paintbrush style of writing.  It so much harder that it looks!  First off you have to hold the brush in a sort of awkward position as well as sitting in a very upright fashion.  Then even the strokes that you’d think would be super easy like a “dot” have some crazy rules that you have to follow in order to write it.  Apparently I wrote a few ok characters but most of it wasn’t that good.  My teacher says that it’s something that takes about a year to acquire and be able to write really well and something that has to be practiced daily.  I’m not sure I’m up to that task but maybe one day =).

    Here are some fun pictures that I took around town this past week.


    This one was a street vendor selling these very colorful things… and upon further inspection you find out that these aren’t toys or stuffed animals, but real live chicks!  So funny.  I guess in the States we have hamsters but here they have neon colored chicks.


    I love seeing this kind of stuff.  It always makes me laugh.  Here’s a guy who’s setting up his ladder on some type of electrical wires in the middle of the road.  The wires are fairly loose in the sense that they sway as he’s putting the ladder on it… and I love that there is no one on the street helping to prevent cars, scooters or people from running into the ladder.  He’s about 4 ft from an intersection that has cars turning the corner at a fairly good pace sometimes… fun stuff!

    Please be praying for our summer camps that we’ll be hosting that are just around the corner.  They’re set to start in the beginning of July and run through all of the summer.  The girls have been working really hard on preparing curriculum and all the activities and games.  Please pray that there is a good volunteer base that signs up to help run these camps!

    I hope all is going well at home!  Drop me a line or two!



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