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    On Tuesday I had my end of the book test.  Whew, boy was it hard.  It took just about the full 3 hours to complete.  It consisted of listening and writing what was being said, putting sentences into the correct grammatical order, matching “measure words” to the noun (in Chinese every THING has a measure word… sort of how we say a “piece” of paper… or a “slice of meat”… but here ALL things have a measure word… sometimes it’s weird, like the same measure word that’s for fish is the same for road, scarf, and quilt), matching the noun to the picture, matching the word to it’s right tones, translating from Chinese to English and vise versa (in characters and pinyin), writing in words/characters very long numbers (like 90,876,765), writing a story using specific vocabulary, then there was the verbal part of saying the written pinyin, and then talking about myself.  Some parts were really easy and a lot of the parts were really hard.  All in all I did alright.  It was a good challenge for me, which I personally welcome.  It really tested how much I knew.  I found out today that I got an 85.5%.  Not too bad!  It would have been nice to have some of my classmates to compare with… just to see how I’m progressing.  But a part of me feels like they would have thought that this test was hard too.

    Teaching English has gone well.  I’ve had 2 sessions with my main student already.  She’s really eager to learn and has a good motivation to do so as well.  TingTing (is her name) used to have a “boss” who was very fluent in Chinese, but now her boss has an extremely limited amount of Chinese.  So the two of them either have to struggle through understanding each other or find someone to help translate.  So our goal is to work on helping her be more knowledgeable about English words that have to do with the work environment and her work specifically.  We’re also pulling from a book that she’s been using as well as doing a little bit of study in the Bible.  The Bible has a very difficult vocabulary so it’s a great source to pull tougher words from so then I’m not sitting there trying to think of words to teach.  I think that so far everything has been going really well.

    After this week’s class, TingTing invited me over to eat dinner with her and her friend.  Little did I know that “her friend” really meant her friend and 6 other people in her friends house.  They had a ton of food.  I would say the majority of it was really good.  My theory has always been to try things once no matter what… then decide if you like it or not.  In the past that theory has helped me to try escargot, oysters, cow lung, pig intestine, cow tongue, liver, and the other day….. chicken stomach.  It was ACTUALLY pretty good.  I would for sure eat it again and I had quite a bit of it.  I was surprised by the fact that it was pretty dense and not really chewy in texture.  It was very much like eating a dry salami as far as texture and it tasted sort of like a chicken sausage.  I would say that it would be really hard to know that you were eating a chicken stomach if you ate what I did.  Definitely not as horrifying as it sounds.  I tried to take a picture but it was pretty dark in the room so it didn’t come out too well.  There was liver there too… and I tried it… and I still don’t like it.  Now that texture I just can’t seem to get over.  It’s a little too grainy/pasty for me.

    Every so often I’ve been able to stop by my “friend’s” restaurant to play cards with them.  I’m slowly learning all the little rules to the game they play but it’s super hard as they know ZERO English.  So I learn to play by their examples.  I’m always shocked to find that there are moves that I could have been doing in the past to win!  They’re super fun to play with.  When you win you get to “flick” the other players’ hands.  It’s funny.  The best part is that when you’re really getting into it… you slam your cards down on the table to play them instead of the tradition toss or polite lay down.

    Speaking of “friends”… I recently had some shorts hemmed by my bike storage shop keeper.  She has a tailoring business out of their little living area.  While my past tailor was cheaper (aka, free because it was my mom) you can’t beat having shorts hemmed for 4 RMB!  That’s 58 CENTS in USD!  I gave her 5… not that it’s that much more… but still so crazy and she did a great job!

    Still not done with the pictures on the wall… there just hasn’t been enough time to sit down and measure out where they’ll all go… but I promise as soon as they’re all up I’ll post the new pictures of my room!

    I hope all is well with you!  Send me emails or comments to let me know how ya’ll are doing at home!


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  • 2Lup's Mom Says:

    Oh geez! Haha! You mean I could have been charging you for alterations?!!!

    Good job on your “final”! Will you get the same teacher when you continue your studies?

    Chicken stomach, eh? LOL, perhaps I’ll pass on breakfast this morning…! I have had chicken gizzards in a Chinese restaurant and um, it isn’t on my list of wanting to have it again! Sorry! I will not be preparing that dish at home!

    Enjoy your “summer vacation”!