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    Bus rides have been semi-interesting lately.  Today on my ride to the bus there were two women who got on, each carrying a live hen by the feet.  I wanted to get a picture of it but they were at the front of the bus and I was in the back.  Then hens must have been pretty knocked out from being carried upside-down since they weren’t really moving much but you could tell they were alive.  Also the other day I got to witness quite possibly the most INTERESTING comb over attempt/hair style.  At first I could only see the craziness from around his hat… but then lo and behold he took off his hat to unveil… image0062

    This last week at the library the girls have been working really hard on cataloging about 2000 new books that the principal was able to get!  They entered every book into the computer and labeled all the books with their labels and stamped the books with the school’s property stamp.  The entering the book titles into the computer was especially hard… in Chinese you have to know what the character is in order to type it into the computer… if you don’t know the character you have to look it up in the dictionary (by counting the number of strokes in the character) and then find it’s spelling.  I just stuck to creating the labels for the books and stamping.  After around 4 days of working on it we finally finished.  This is how XiaoLu felt after we were done…


    This week on Wednesday there is a festival/holiday.  It’s the Dragon Boat Festival.  Supposedly the holiday originated with a famous poet committing suicide by jumping into a river.  Because this poet was so famous and popular the people didn’t want the fish to eat his body.  So in order to distract the fish the people threw in these triangle rice things in hopes that the fish would eat the rice instead of the poet.  They also had large dragon boats go up and down the river to scare the fish away!  This is what I was told today in class.  The funny thing about holidays here is that because there is no school Monday through Wednesday…. they made the kids to come into school on Saturday and Sunday!!  So much for a holiday!

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  • 2Lup's Mom Says:

    LOL, that picture reminds me of the fellow that was our fish man! Do you remember his comb-over?!! You probably just remember all the candies in his truck! BTW, those are pretty snazzy pants on the person (man?) by the door!!!

    Hmm, triangle rice things…musubi?!!

    Aww, poor XiaoLu! Cool, cataloging books for the library…it does sound like doing the books at Los Altos Elementary was quite a bit easier!!! Haha, now your resume can say you’ve cataloged books in two languages!!!

    Have fun at weekend school!!!

  • Doug Says:

    You had a fish man? Wait, sorry, that wasn’t why I’m writing. What I wanted to say is, if I send you 58 cents and some pants could I get them repaired?

  • LupLup Says:

    It’s amazing what you can do with 58 cents here… you can buy 4 small bottles of water or 1-5 gallon bottle, have clothes fixed, buy a small bowl of noodles, ride the bus 4 times, get a haircut, buy a medium size watermelon and countless things that you can find at the 99cent store there in the states… just remember where all of that stuff was made!

  • LupLup Says:

    what is a “fishman”? Did he live in our pool?

  • 2Lup's Mom Says:

    Haha, I guess you don’t remember… He was the man that came every other week to sell fish. You go inside his “fish mobile (like an ice cream truck) and he had all kinds of Japanese food stuff on shelves plus the refrigerated and freezer bins with fish and assorted items.

    His comb-over started just above each ear (yes, both sides!) and crossed to cover the top of his head. The really odd thing was that the sides would kind of curve out, like cupping your hands and placing them on the side of your head. Quite “interesting”…!