• 17Jun

    So just when I thought it couldn’t get any more interesting, as far as haircuts, than my last post…. I was in Carrefore (yes the French version of Walmart) and I walked by this kid… and well… I’m not sure what his parents are trying to accomplish.  I’ve seen a lot of interesting haircuts for kids like the shaved head except for a small braided ponytail, the bowl cut, the fauxhawk…. but this one I think I’m calling the panda cut.


    Here are the long promised pictures of my room with the framed pictures!


    On the far wall I have what I’m calling my home wall.  I have my Dodger poster (that has been in every house I’ve lived in except for one) and pictures of my family, best bud, and dogs! The green one has a picture of my parent’s dog Nikko, in the upper corner there’s a picture of my old dog Peenut, then there’s the Christmas picture of my parents and the dogs, a picture of the family in Georgia on some plantation, a small picture of my cousin Doug, and then a picture of me and Syl in San Diego.  It’s great to wake up in the morning and be able to have a little bit of home to look at!


    This wall is my “Shoes” wall.  I’ve got my friend Katy’s feet walking in Dali, 3 generations of Ruth’s family walking home, Katy and my friend Beth’s feet while riding a ski-lift thing in Kunming, and Syl’s leg standing in San Fran.  I like how shoes/feet can show us where we’ve been and take us to where we’re going.  =)  They are definitely some of my more artsier pictures.


    This is my “Light” wall.  Anyone who’s been around me and my camera knows my fascination for lamps, lanterns, fire, and other types lights.  This wall shows a bunch of lanterns that I’ve taken.  The top and the bottom are actually from Walt Disney World (specifically Animal Kingdom) and the middle one is from Beijing (Temple of Heaven), while the fire shot is from Disneyland.  They’re strategically on my wall that has my light switch.  =)


    Here’s my pic in the bathroom.  A pretty cool clipper in South Carolina.  I think it’s one of my best pics!

    I think I still want to put up a few more.  I just haven’t decided on which ones.  It’s been fun to decorate the room it’s just kind of annoying that it’s a longer process.  I have to get the picture printed, then take the photo over to the frame place, wait a few more days there… then measure out where I want it on the wall, AND then go to the little hardware shop to get the guy to come drill the holes for me (since the walls are all concrete!).

    More fun pictures to follow from Dragon Boat Day!  But that’s all for now!



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