• 25Jun

    Last week my roommates, their friend and I went to the “Golden Palace” for Dragon Boat Day.  It’s sort of like a museum/park/arboretum/place to hike.  It was really kind of a neat place.  It took around an hour to get there by bus but it was worth the drive.  It was like being outside of the city while still being in it.  Kunming is already over a mile high in altitude so once you get past all of the tall buildings it can get pretty scenic.  It was like stepping into a National Forrest.  Pretty cool.


    Here’s a part of what I’m talking about… some of the park was like this, where you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere.  Funny story is that in this picture we actually were… we were trying to leave to go home… and the girls’ friend swore that the way out was this way.  Um.  He was wrong.  Haha.  I tried to convince him to ask someone, but I guess all men are the same… no one wants to ask for direction!


    Yay for housemates!


    So both the girls and their friend brought snacks… apparently they thought we were going to be really really hungry…  let’s see the snacks included:  chicken feet (in the green packages except for the one at the very bottom of the shot), shrimp chips, tomato flavored chips, France bread (yes you read that right… it’s not FRENCH bread it’s France bread), sunflower seeds, and various crackers and cookies.  Needless to say we didn’t finish it all.


    Here’s the entrance/exit.  It was a great day to be walking around, not too hot, not too sunny, and just cloudy enough to scare people into thinking it was going to rain.


    Danger!  Watch out for a hand coming out of the water!  Another funny sign!

    And now for some fun pics of my roommates!


    Ruth on the left… and Lucy (the English name we’ve picked out for XiaoLu) on the right.  And yes they’re this much fun all the time!



    On the way home… Ruth found some bamboo sticks and chose to use them as walking sticks.  Haha.  So fun.

    Here are some of the artsy shots I took at the park.








    George, this one is for you.  I thought of your blooming cacti when I saw this!


    I hope you enjoyed my pictures!

    Things are still going great over here.  I have 1 week left of school in this semester.  My class finished the first book of the series called “Chinese Made Easier” and we’re on to the second one.  In two weeks we start summer camps!  So I’ll be finishing up and my school but on to a bunch more elementary schools!  Please pray for the kids hearts, that they will be able to see His heart through ours.



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