• 25Jul

    Yesterday while crossing the street I saw……. A “Chinese Fire Drill” done by Chinese people!!!  Muhahahah.  Red light… driver gets out of the car… while a passenger gets out of the car… the two people switch places…. light turns green… they drive off!  I don’t know why it’s called a “Chinese Fire Drill” but at least I know it’s a legit thing!  Hahahaha.

    Here’s some fun pictures of things that I’ve taken over the past few weeks…


    Here’s a chicken sandwich from the Chinese KFC equivalent called Dicos.  Please note a few things… it’s as big as her face, the thick glob of mayo something, and the fact that it’s 13 BUX… whew that must be some sandwich.  I can get two huge meals of meat and veggies on top of rice with soup for 13 bux.  The 13 bux doesn’t even include a drink or a side.


    Here is my friend’s friend’s bike!  It reminds me of a clown car but in bike form!  I’ll admit that it’s quite convenient in the sense that you don’t need a lot of space to store it and you can easily bring it up the stairs to your apartment.  It actually rides ok.  The handlebars are a little awkward to get used to and you mostly feel like a fool riding it… so once you get used to both of those things it’s just a bike!  Haha.


    What do you think this is a product for?  I’ll give you a hint that is NOT a product having to do with cats.  Another hint is that this can be found in the kitchen… ……………………If you guessed dish washing soap you’d be right!  Hmmm why it has a cat on it I don’t know.  I don’t use this brand (my soap has a picture of clean dishes on it!), and I’m not sure why people would first buy it?  Hmm do I want the soap with the clean dishes or the soap that looks like it should be used as a cat shampoo… which would clean my dishes better???

    Fun times.

    Monday starts summer camps again.  150 students, 5 classrooms, 30 volunteers or so.  4 and a half days (Monday is a half day for the kids to allow for registration and set up for the volunteers).  They are going to be long days.  This school is all the way in the North of town and we live in the West.  It’ll probably take anywhere from 40-60 minutes to get there depending on traffic.  So that means waking up extra early and getting home extra late!  But I’m sure it’ll be worth it!  Pictures for sure to follow!

    Until next time!


  • 18Jul

    AKA Happy Birthday To ME!

    Sunday was my birthday here as far as the date is concerned (18th), but like I said in my “twin” blog I guess it’s technically Monday…. details details.  But I decided to celebrate it on Sunday, especially so that way my “twin” could celebrate on Monday and there wouldn’t be any conflicts for our friends.

    I started off my morning by going to church.  Then a nice relaxing afternoon which included opening presents over Skype!  Then the “main” event was dinner!  I’ll let the pictures do the talking!


    Here’s almost everyone!  It’s a combo of people from fellowship, BCI and my classmates (bet you can guess who that is!).  4 Americans, 3 Singaporeans, and the rest are all locals!  =)  I have definitely been blessed so much to have so many good friends!!!  dsc07680

    All the food came out and it was sooo good looking that we forgot to take a picture right away… but this is about halfway through the meal!  All of it was really really good!  We had chicken, pork, beef, eggplant, cabbage, tofu, veggies that don’t have English names, soup, egg and tomatoes, lentils, and long life noodles.


    Hope you recognize these guys!


    Apei (holding the cake) bought this fantastic cake!  It was a white cake with a thin layer of raspberry and a layer of custard.  It was topped with dragon fruit, peaches, apples… and tomatoes. (I suppose they’re a fruit so why not?).  It was then surrounded by pieces of chocolate.  Really good cake!


    My twin!


    Here’s Mark and Jennifer!  They were originally in my “classroom” class until they decided to do all of their hours 1-on-1.


    Here’s Apei and Yee!  My Singaporean friends.  Apei is here working with the camps.  She’s been helping coordinate all of the curriculum for the camps that are coming up next week.  They’re both super handy to have around because then I have a translator!  Hehe.


    Doris in the front is also from Singapore.  She’s SOOO much fun.  She has a very joyous spirit about her and is especially known for her very LOUD “YES”.  TingTing is behind her.  I teach her English about once a week.  =)


    This is Jessica.  She has a very contagious laugh!  She helped me a ton in planning my dinner.  =)  We’re always laughing when we’re together.


    And of course Pam!  Never a normal picture with the two of us!  Hehe.

    It was a great night!  Everyone was full of smiles the whole night and had full stomachs by the end of the meal.  What a great first birthday in China!


  • 12Jul

    This week is my summer break.  There’s a gap between camps and I’m still out of school.  Strangely I’ve spent the first day working though!  Haha.  I’ve been working on creating a slideshow for all the pictures that I took last week.  We’re having a dinner for all the volunteers this week and I wanted to be able to give them pictures of their work.  =)

    Last weeks camp went really well.  The kids are really cool.  It neat to hear them say things like “wow we’re eating chicken today… that’s so expensive to buy…”.  It’s so much different than hearing the typical “I don’t like that…” or “isn’t there something else?”.  All week the kids had been earning “money” and on Friday they were given the opportunity to “buy” different things.  We sold things from candy, pencils, picture frame things, hair things, stuffed animals, books, and clothes.  It was really neat to see a lot of the kids acting selfless.  When the boys were asked why they were buying hairclips or really cute stuffed animals… they would casually reply that they wanted to give it to their mom or their sister.  These kids were really something special.  Here the whole group!  (just as an FYI I’m the photographer… so not pictured.)


    During my last week of school I also took some pictures with my teachers so you guys could have a look!


    This is Katy.  She’s my “classroom” teacher.  She will most likely be my “classroom” teacher again when we start up again in August/September.  She was really good at making sure that we pronounce things correctly.  It’s always best to do things right the first time!  Teaching at the school is her full time job.  She’s a few years older than me.


    This is Duan.  She’s my one on one teacher.  We had a ton of fun together.  She’s super fun to mess with and tease because she teases back.  Right now she’s getting something like a masters in teaching Chinese as a second language.  She’s working on finishing a paper (I assume that’s her thesis).  She’s a few years younger than me which I think helps make it more fun.  I’m hoping that she’ll teach me again in the Fall but I have no idea how the school coordinates stuff like that or how many hours she’ll be working.

    So what are my plans for the week?  For now I think I’ll just enjoy sleeping in, while I can….

    I’ll leave you guys with some more pictures from the camp!dsc07553



    Can you find the kid that trying to start a new trend in posing for Chinese pictures?

    And my roomies!!



    Notice that my roomie has learned to cheer for the RIGHT baseball team.  Well I’m sure that would be true if she had even a slight interest in watching baseball… instead of only wanting my hat because she hates the sun.

    Peace be yours in abundance!


  • 07Jul

    Welcome to Camp Hope!  This week’s camp features kids that all live in the same area of town but go to different schools.  This camp is the only camp that they hold that doesn’t have a charge (the rest have a 10 RMB fee for the 5 days… aka.  $1.50) because they know that most of the parents of these kids can’t afford it.  This is also the only camp that isn’t for a specific school’s students.  We’re borrowing a school’s facilities so that way these kids will get the opportunity to go to camp.  This week is also very special because we’re fortunate to be able to share the Good Word with these kids.  A lot of them come from homes of believers already and because it’s not a camp for the government schools it opens the door to what can be taught.


    Because the kids live far from the school we’re having the camp at, we rented a bus to pick up the kids.  There are no school buses here to rent… so you just rent the public transportation buses.  It’s pretty fun except when kids get car sick and puke later.  Haha!  One kid puked both days shortly after arriving at the school.  Luckily today there was no such incident!


    We start off the day with singing.  A verse for the day and then a Good Book story.


    Kids are cute.


    This kid really gets into the singing.  He’s probably the fastest to learn the new songs and then proceeds to sing them the loudest.  Check out the vain popping singing that’s going on in this picture!!


    After lunch, then it’s time to be outside to play some games.


    Here is a fun game where you have to guide a glass bottle with a chopstick.  You have to follow a road and if your bottle leaves the road it’s a point against the team.  It’s a lot harder than it looks.


    Winning teams get “money”.  The kids also get “money” when they answer questions, are being quiet, and other things like that.  At the end of the week they’ll be able to “buy” candies and small toys with their hard earned money.


    After outside games it’s into the classroom to do some origami and other crafts.


    Here the kids are “re-creating” the first days on Earth.



    Here’s all the kiddies!  We’re over halfway through the camp!  It’s been a blast so far.  The great thing is to see the kids really learning the material that’s being taught to them.

    Today I brought a soccer ball.  So fun so fun.  I was feeling the effects of the high altitude for awhile… but it’s so much fun to get to play with the kids and play sports!  The kids are really energetic so I definitely go home really tired everyday.  I’m sure that having to leave the house by 7:30 every morning isn’t helping either!!

    It’s also been encouraging to see how far my Chinese has come.  I’m able to hold better conversations and actually understand a lot of what the kids are trying to tell me!  I still have a long way to go, but it’s super encouraging to see that I’ve at least made some progress.

    More pictures to come later as the first camp comes to an end!  Please continue to pray for all these kids that their hearts will be open to accepting what they’re being taught.



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