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    Welcome to Camp Hope!  This week’s camp features kids that all live in the same area of town but go to different schools.  This camp is the only camp that they hold that doesn’t have a charge (the rest have a 10 RMB fee for the 5 days… aka.  $1.50) because they know that most of the parents of these kids can’t afford it.  This is also the only camp that isn’t for a specific school’s students.  We’re borrowing a school’s facilities so that way these kids will get the opportunity to go to camp.  This week is also very special because we’re fortunate to be able to share the Good Word with these kids.  A lot of them come from homes of believers already and because it’s not a camp for the government schools it opens the door to what can be taught.


    Because the kids live far from the school we’re having the camp at, we rented a bus to pick up the kids.  There are no school buses here to rent… so you just rent the public transportation buses.  It’s pretty fun except when kids get car sick and puke later.  Haha!  One kid puked both days shortly after arriving at the school.  Luckily today there was no such incident!


    We start off the day with singing.  A verse for the day and then a Good Book story.


    Kids are cute.


    This kid really gets into the singing.  He’s probably the fastest to learn the new songs and then proceeds to sing them the loudest.  Check out the vain popping singing that’s going on in this picture!!


    After lunch, then it’s time to be outside to play some games.


    Here is a fun game where you have to guide a glass bottle with a chopstick.  You have to follow a road and if your bottle leaves the road it’s a point against the team.  It’s a lot harder than it looks.


    Winning teams get “money”.  The kids also get “money” when they answer questions, are being quiet, and other things like that.  At the end of the week they’ll be able to “buy” candies and small toys with their hard earned money.


    After outside games it’s into the classroom to do some origami and other crafts.


    Here the kids are “re-creating” the first days on Earth.



    Here’s all the kiddies!  We’re over halfway through the camp!  It’s been a blast so far.  The great thing is to see the kids really learning the material that’s being taught to them.

    Today I brought a soccer ball.  So fun so fun.  I was feeling the effects of the high altitude for awhile… but it’s so much fun to get to play with the kids and play sports!  The kids are really energetic so I definitely go home really tired everyday.  I’m sure that having to leave the house by 7:30 every morning isn’t helping either!!

    It’s also been encouraging to see how far my Chinese has come.  I’m able to hold better conversations and actually understand a lot of what the kids are trying to tell me!  I still have a long way to go, but it’s super encouraging to see that I’ve at least made some progress.

    More pictures to come later as the first camp comes to an end!  Please continue to pray for all these kids that their hearts will be open to accepting what they’re being taught.



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