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    This week is my summer break.  There’s a gap between camps and I’m still out of school.  Strangely I’ve spent the first day working though!  Haha.  I’ve been working on creating a slideshow for all the pictures that I took last week.  We’re having a dinner for all the volunteers this week and I wanted to be able to give them pictures of their work.  =)

    Last weeks camp went really well.  The kids are really cool.  It neat to hear them say things like “wow we’re eating chicken today… that’s so expensive to buy…”.  It’s so much different than hearing the typical “I don’t like that…” or “isn’t there something else?”.  All week the kids had been earning “money” and on Friday they were given the opportunity to “buy” different things.  We sold things from candy, pencils, picture frame things, hair things, stuffed animals, books, and clothes.  It was really neat to see a lot of the kids acting selfless.  When the boys were asked why they were buying hairclips or really cute stuffed animals… they would casually reply that they wanted to give it to their mom or their sister.  These kids were really something special.  Here the whole group!  (just as an FYI I’m the photographer… so not pictured.)


    During my last week of school I also took some pictures with my teachers so you guys could have a look!


    This is Katy.  She’s my “classroom” teacher.  She will most likely be my “classroom” teacher again when we start up again in August/September.  She was really good at making sure that we pronounce things correctly.  It’s always best to do things right the first time!  Teaching at the school is her full time job.  She’s a few years older than me.


    This is Duan.  She’s my one on one teacher.  We had a ton of fun together.  She’s super fun to mess with and tease because she teases back.  Right now she’s getting something like a masters in teaching Chinese as a second language.  She’s working on finishing a paper (I assume that’s her thesis).  She’s a few years younger than me which I think helps make it more fun.  I’m hoping that she’ll teach me again in the Fall but I have no idea how the school coordinates stuff like that or how many hours she’ll be working.

    So what are my plans for the week?  For now I think I’ll just enjoy sleeping in, while I can….

    I’ll leave you guys with some more pictures from the camp!dsc07553



    Can you find the kid that trying to start a new trend in posing for Chinese pictures?

    And my roomies!!



    Notice that my roomie has learned to cheer for the RIGHT baseball team.  Well I’m sure that would be true if she had even a slight interest in watching baseball… instead of only wanting my hat because she hates the sun.

    Peace be yours in abundance!


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  • 2Lup's Mom Says:

    Love the pics! What’s the meaning of the banner behind the group? Haha with the number three! Love the expression of the girl balancing the ping pong, uh table tennis ball! The funny one is with the kids eating. They almost look like they’re just learning to use chopsticks. Lucy and Ruth are so cute! Are their shirts for the camp workers? I like what I can see of the logo. And oOo, I found a hidden Mickey!

  • LupLup Says:

    Um. No idea what the banner was for. It was in Chinese! Haha. The whole picture was a set of hands holding a globe with a giant tree where China is.
    Here “table tennis” is actually Ping Pong! well… ping pAng 乒乓 that’s the character… isn’t it funny?
    Kids using chopsticks are toooo cute.
    The shirts they’re wearing do have their “logo” it’s basically a fun shaped sun.

  • s Says:

    hahaha THREE

  • s Says:

    what brown shirt is that. i have that shirt. 2 of them.

  • Joan Giboney Says:

    LeighAnn, I hope you had a wonderful day on your birthday. From the pictures you take and the stories you tell, it looks like almost everyday is a good day.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!