• 18Jul

    AKA Happy Birthday To ME!

    Sunday was my birthday here as far as the date is concerned (18th), but like I said in my “twin” blog I guess it’s technically Monday…. details details.  But I decided to celebrate it on Sunday, especially so that way my “twin” could celebrate on Monday and there wouldn’t be any conflicts for our friends.

    I started off my morning by going to church.  Then a nice relaxing afternoon which included opening presents over Skype!  Then the “main” event was dinner!  I’ll let the pictures do the talking!


    Here’s almost everyone!  It’s a combo of people from fellowship, BCI and my classmates (bet you can guess who that is!).  4 Americans, 3 Singaporeans, and the rest are all locals!  =)  I have definitely been blessed so much to have so many good friends!!!  dsc07680

    All the food came out and it was sooo good looking that we forgot to take a picture right away… but this is about halfway through the meal!  All of it was really really good!  We had chicken, pork, beef, eggplant, cabbage, tofu, veggies that don’t have English names, soup, egg and tomatoes, lentils, and long life noodles.


    Hope you recognize these guys!


    Apei (holding the cake) bought this fantastic cake!  It was a white cake with a thin layer of raspberry and a layer of custard.  It was topped with dragon fruit, peaches, apples… and tomatoes. (I suppose they’re a fruit so why not?).  It was then surrounded by pieces of chocolate.  Really good cake!


    My twin!


    Here’s Mark and Jennifer!  They were originally in my “classroom” class until they decided to do all of their hours 1-on-1.


    Here’s Apei and Yee!  My Singaporean friends.  Apei is here working with the camps.  She’s been helping coordinate all of the curriculum for the camps that are coming up next week.  They’re both super handy to have around because then I have a translator!  Hehe.


    Doris in the front is also from Singapore.  She’s SOOO much fun.  She has a very joyous spirit about her and is especially known for her very LOUD “YES”.  TingTing is behind her.  I teach her English about once a week.  =)


    This is Jessica.  She has a very contagious laugh!  She helped me a ton in planning my dinner.  =)  We’re always laughing when we’re together.


    And of course Pam!  Never a normal picture with the two of us!  Hehe.

    It was a great night!  Everyone was full of smiles the whole night and had full stomachs by the end of the meal.  What a great first birthday in China!



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