• 25Jul

    Yesterday while crossing the street I saw……. A “Chinese Fire Drill” done by Chinese people!!!  Muhahahah.  Red light… driver gets out of the car… while a passenger gets out of the car… the two people switch places…. light turns green… they drive off!  I don’t know why it’s called a “Chinese Fire Drill” but at least I know it’s a legit thing!  Hahahaha.

    Here’s some fun pictures of things that I’ve taken over the past few weeks…


    Here’s a chicken sandwich from the Chinese KFC equivalent called Dicos.  Please note a few things… it’s as big as her face, the thick glob of mayo something, and the fact that it’s 13 BUX… whew that must be some sandwich.  I can get two huge meals of meat and veggies on top of rice with soup for 13 bux.  The 13 bux doesn’t even include a drink or a side.


    Here is my friend’s friend’s bike!  It reminds me of a clown car but in bike form!  I’ll admit that it’s quite convenient in the sense that you don’t need a lot of space to store it and you can easily bring it up the stairs to your apartment.  It actually rides ok.  The handlebars are a little awkward to get used to and you mostly feel like a fool riding it… so once you get used to both of those things it’s just a bike!  Haha.


    What do you think this is a product for?  I’ll give you a hint that is NOT a product having to do with cats.  Another hint is that this can be found in the kitchen… ……………………If you guessed dish washing soap you’d be right!  Hmmm why it has a cat on it I don’t know.  I don’t use this brand (my soap has a picture of clean dishes on it!), and I’m not sure why people would first buy it?  Hmm do I want the soap with the clean dishes or the soap that looks like it should be used as a cat shampoo… which would clean my dishes better???

    Fun times.

    Monday starts summer camps again.  150 students, 5 classrooms, 30 volunteers or so.  4 and a half days (Monday is a half day for the kids to allow for registration and set up for the volunteers).  They are going to be long days.  This school is all the way in the North of town and we live in the West.  It’ll probably take anywhere from 40-60 minutes to get there depending on traffic.  So that means waking up extra early and getting home extra late!  But I’m sure it’ll be worth it!  Pictures for sure to follow!

    Until next time!



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