• 20Oct

    This past weekend I took a trip down to Wenshan.  I wanted to check out the place that I might be working out of next year.  The focus of the Wenshan team right now is to provide rehabilitation services to the local children.  They are just starting out, and by just I mean they are barely starting to put together an office.  So far it’s 3 desks, a couch, and a play area.  The rest is still be organized.  They plan to currently work within the community as a first step towards eventually being able to work with orphans with disabilities and working on orphan prevention.  A lot of it is definitely still in the planning stages, but I see huge potentials down there!

    As a bonus for checking out Wenshan I also got to spend the weekend with my really good friends!  Pam, Susanna and Rachel have already relocated down there.  We spent the majority of the time either eating, cooking, or recovering after eating!


    Here we are eating the Saturday night!  Susanna cooked a great meal!


    Sunday we had homemade dumplings.  Rachel was the head chef for this meal but she had a bunch of sous chefs!  These were probably the best dumplings I have ever had.  Everything was from scratch.  It was kind of interesting… the outside of the dumpling was just flour, oil, water and salt…. the same thing as tortillas!  These were less salty and less fatty than tortilla dough but it sure made me think of handmaking tortillas when we were “rolling” out the little circles.  I want to see a rolling contest now between Rachel and some ladies I know down in San Felipe!  Mexico vs China!  We made (and ate) about 100 dumplings.  While Rachel was the chef, we were all in charge of filling the little circles with the meat mixture and closing it.

    Now Sunday around lunch time I had a very “Welcome to China” moment…. we went for one of Wenshan’s specialties…… dog.  =(  My good friend YC wanted to try the local food so went out to try it.  I had seen it being sold in the market on Saturday.  Not the most pleasant sight, but at the same time it’s not like you ever see it running around being cute.  They were de-furred and dead so it looked like a dark red meat.


    Here it is pre-cooking.  And just half of one.


    Here it is after it’s been cooked.  It basically looks like a really red meat.  Like a cross between beef and lamb.


    We were less than excited to see eat it, but we figured we should try it anyway.  I personally didn’t like it because it tasted like POT ROAST.  Bleh.  Definitely not a chicken flavor!  If you hadn’t told me what we were eating I would have thought it was weird beef.  I only ate the one bite, simply because I don’t like the flavor of pot roast!  Two of my friends thought it was good and proceeded to eat it up.  A great experience but not something I would order again.


    Here’s a view of the city from the office window.  Not a bad view eh?  I think that the office was on the 15th floor?  And their apt was on the 21st floor!  Wenshan felt like a smaller version of Kunming.  My friends say that they really like the smaller feel.  Especially since you can get from one end of town to the other in around 30-40 minutes.  Another plus is that the traffic is never terrible!  You could take the public bus for 1 buck, or a cab to just about anywhere for 4 bux.  Not a bad deal!


    Here’s a view of the “living room” area that they have in the office.  They’ve lined the floor with a fun foam flooring.  Plus they’ve bought the fun exercise balls.  The plan is to buy more toys and other things that the kids can have fun playing with and yet at the same time be rehabbing.


    Watch out!  Incoming!  In this picture you can see the toy thing that I made!  It’ll be even better once we add some color!


    Here’s the team “hard at work”!


    Here’s their household/team too!  The girl you haven’t seen before is Yun Fen!  She’ll be the one in charge of taking care of the kids as far as being a “house mom”.  Feeding the kids etc.  She’s super cute and fun to hang out with.  (Top to Bottom in case you didn’t know… Rachel, Yun Fen, Susanna, and Pam.. and panda).

    Overall I had a good trip.  It was great to get to visit the city and see what there is to see.  I’ll probably be going back sometime in January for another quick trip… and if all goes according to plan then sometime around March I’ll be relocating too!  But it’s all up to Him.. so if it’s His plan that’s where I’m headed!

    Here’s some more fun pics!  Enjoy!




    I hope all is well where you are!  Just a month and a half till I’ll be home!



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