• 27Nov

    Wow it’s been awhile!  (I’m sure that’s what you’re thinking too!)  Life here has become busy!  Aside from my 4 days of classes during the week, I am now teaching English 3 days too!  Monday is more a practice English class and English refining through using the “Good Book”.  Tuesday is still the same student I’ve been teaching for around 20 lessons already.  Wednesday I’m at the elementary school teaching the 4th and 5th graders.  So with more classes comes more preparation which takes more time!  But I really like all of the classes so to me it’s worth it.

    Teaching at the elementary school has been really great.  It’s really loud (with 60 students in the class) but I think the kids that are interested in paying attention are having fun and actually learning the words.  The goal of the class is to really encourage the kids to have fun while learning English for the 40+ minutes I’m in there.  There are some kids that seem to be really motivated to learn English, some that are shy and others that have no interest.  But with 60 kids in the class it’s really hard to keep everyone focused and even harder to get the kids (except about the 8 in each class) to participate.  I’ve found that candy has been a good motivator.  More kids are willing to try to answer questions.  For the last half of the class we’re usually playing a game of some sort so that’s a good motivator too.

    While I’ve really enjoyed teaching my favorite part of going to the school has been the time before my class starts and in-between classes.  I usually arrive at the school about 20 minutes before my class which also happens to be during one of their recesses.  A few weeks ago I was playing with some of the 1st graders with a small game of tag… or rather chase.  It was so much fun to see the kids laugh so hard!  But then the game slowly evolved to where the kids would tap me on the back so then I’d turn around and chase that kid.  So what turned into just 2-3 kids chasing me and being chased, it turned into 10-15 of these little guys all patting me on my back!!  So then I started to actually catch the kids and just pick them up really quick or maybe run with them for a second.  That made the kids laugh even harder!  But then I started to get tired of picking them up AND running.  So when I’d catch one I’d just give them a BIG hug.  But then I started to notice that there were one or two of the kids that would tap me on the back THEN just WAIT to be caught so I’d hug them.  One girl in particular would just stop and grin and wait to be hugged.  It was the sweetest thing!  The following weeks it was fun that the kids remembered our game and it seemed like we would just pick up right where left it the week before.  That same little girl was still waiting to get caught and get her hug.


    Look here I am teaching!  Something else that’s fun is when I start class I tell the class hello then they all promptly stand up and bow or something and say “Hello teacher!”.  Hah.  It’s quite a funny sight.

    Other things that have been going on here:

    – I’ve had two good friends come and visit.  Both business related.  One was coming to visit China to check out the possibilities for coming to volunteer here and the other was on business for his company and decided to take some vacation to tour China.  It was great to have friends around!

    – Ruth celebrated her 21st birthday!  21 isn’t a big or important number here so it’s nothing like what’s typically done in the States.  We did sort of celebrate for 2 days though.  Her birthday was on a Monday so we decided that Sunday was an easier day for people to come out to dinner.  About 10 of us all went out to dinner and then they all came to our house for games and cake.


    – Thanksgiving:  My classmate invited me over to her house for dinner on Thursday.  At first I didn’t think anything of the invitation being that she was French.  So I was just expecting a normal dinner, but instead it was a Thanksgiving spread!  My classmate is currently living with an American lady and her daughter, so this lady had prepared a wonderful dinner.  It was great to have things like mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce (this one was a yummy apple cranberry sauce), and apple pie.  It was definitely a little taste of home.  Although it made me miss our family ROLLS!

    -Badminton.  I’ve started playing every Friday with some teachers from my school.  It’s been really great to get to play sports again!  This is the olympic style badminton not backyard style.  So it’s super fast paced.  There is one teacher and I that can really get a pretty good rally going!  Here’s two of them playing.


    Speaking of home.  The countdown has officially started and we’re down to just 10+ days till I come home!  I’m pretty excited to be at home!!!

    Here’s some pictures that I’ve taken with my phone’s camera over the past few months!  Enjoy!


    Mmm a new kind of bread.


    Nothing says FRESH like bringing your recently killed chicken on the bus.  At least it was in a basket?


    Normally these types of containers hold drinks… but in this case… SOUP.  Just jam your straw in the top and drink up!  It’s really weird drinking egg through a straw!  I will admit that it is extremely clever though because this soup was part of a lunch that was delivered!  So it made for great no spill containers!


    Gotta love this kind of stuff.  This guy is riding a bicycle carrying styrofoam.  I’m not sure how you battle the wind with something so tall!

    Well that’s all for now!  I hope that everyone enjoys the holiday season!  Did I mention that it’s only 10 days till I come home???  Pretty soon it’s LupLup Goes to America.



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