• 12Oct

    So we had the infamous “baby on the road” sticker… and while that sounded pretty dangerous, you just never know all the circumstances involved… is it a busy road? Can “baby” walk? Is it just a person named “Baby” that happens to be on the road etc… But perhaps that sticker can all be topped by this one….


    I’m pretty sure that putting “baby” ON the car is NOT safe and maybe even more dangerous than putting “baby” on the road.  It clearly runs great risks:  1)Putting “baby” on your car can damage your paint.  With the split pants trend here you just never know when “baby” is going to unload a toxic mess on your car.  You think bird poop is hard to get out…  2)Putting “baby” on your car, runs the risk that you can forget to put “baby” IN the car before you drive off.  Anyone ever left that cup of coffee on the roof of your car?  Not a pretty picture if you replace coffee with “baby”.  3)Putting “baby” on the car runs the risk that “baby” could be exposed to some pretty harsh weather conditions.  Rain, UV rays, hail, tornadoes, you know the whole works.  And if you combine all those risks together… 4)Apparently putting “baby” on the car runs the risk that “baby” will morph into that awful looking mutant on the sticker.  This sticker apparently is a warning of the risks of putting “baby” ON the car instead of IN the car.  So attention all parents or people taking care of “baby” heed this sticker’s warning, “baby” belongs IN the car not ON it.

    (In other news back from the village, another great trip.  Will post more about it later!)


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  • 2 Lups Mom Says:


    So maybe baby is just ready for Halloween early…

    And whether you put baby on the road or in or on the car, nobody puts Baby in a corner…!