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    On Thanksgiving we (the Wenshan team) held a Thanksgiving celebration party.  The week before I was in Kunming so I stopped by one of the import stores to pick up some real American turkeys.  Our party was in a Sister’s restaurant so we had plenty of space.  They also used to be a Western restaurant so they even had an oven to bake a cake in.  The turkeys went to the owner’s friend’s place to roast on a spit!  They came back looking fantastic and tasting even better!


    Here is one of the rehab kid’s grandma “carving” the turkey.  We had turkey Chinese cut style, meaning take a cleaver and hack away.  She was definitely amazing with the knife, but it was a lot different than my family’s electric knife and mom’s strategic decorative plattering techniques.  I guess either way the turkey tasted the same!


    Our Thanksgiving feast was a combination of Chinese and Western Food.  You can see my plate here looks a lot different than what you all probably had!  We had: turkey, rice, lotus root with pickled vegetables, Chinese broccoli, pork and fresh garlic, pork and celery, a Chinese onion pancake, and spicy mashed potatoes.  (Also offered were Sweet Potatoes, cooked by an American, which I didn’t eat)  All very very good.  I did miss our family rolls and butter though!


    For dessert we had a banana cake (it was the rehab center’s first anniversary celebration too, so this served as the birthday cake), lemon meringue pie, pumpkin pie and 2 apple pies (not pictured).  Also, all very good!


    Here we all are!  It was quite the crowd but it was great to have a big family together to really celebrate all that we’re giving thanks for!

    It was the best Thanksgiving I’ve had in China so far!

    Saturday I got to go back to the orphanage.  A quick story about that.  Some of these kids are so cute and fun that you can’t imagine anyone giving them up.  Of course we never really know the family situation or all that went into the parents deciding to give up their child but sometimes you can take a good guess.  This Saturday I spent most of my time holding a little one that immediately grabbed my leg when I walked into the room.  He was very calm, content, cute, well-behaved and mentally all there.  (He had even learned the “jell-o leg” technique so you couldn’t put him down… make your body go so limp so you just slide down and look pathetic so then you HAVE to pick him up!  Be sure to note that this kid walked up to me and perfectly stood up holding my leg waiting for me to pick him up!!)  Anyway, it was sort of a mystery why this child would be in an orphanage, but then his sock fell off.  As I was putting it back on… the kid had 6 toes!  6 cute little toes, with the 6th kinda being on top of the pinkie toe, but fully formed.  I hope that there was something other than the fact that this little one had 11 toes instead of 10 that compelled this family to give up their child… but I hope even more that there will be a family that is willing to bring him into their home despite the fact that he has 11 toes!

    I should be home in a few weeks!  I can’t believe how fast time has gone.  I can’t wait to see all the signs of Christmas!

    Please pray as my friend has an interview at the US Embassy.  Let’s hope that she can come with me to celebrate the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”!


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  • Robert Says:

    Did you guys sing Thanksgiving carols as you hung the traditional pastel balloons in the dining room?

    I see you’ve learned from your brother how to block other people from appearing in your picture. It’s good technique; I don’t think they saw it coming.