• 24Jan

    Be careful when driving your car in stemware, especially being mindful not to lean or tilt your car, as it can cause the glass to break.


  • 19Jan

    Day 2 in TianJin: Rachel has been showing me around to some of the old places here in town. It’s mostly consisted of shopping places but it’s been neat to see the different stores and specialty things they are selling.

    We went to a pretty famous place to eat BaoZi or buns. There’s even a picture of Hu Jin Tao (the current leader of China) on the wall from when he ate there! Here’s a picture of what we ate. It wasn’t amazing but it was more to say that we ate there!


    Compare that to what we had this morning! A tastier bun but it was just from a hole in the wall place!


    Having a great time! But I’m freezing! This So Cal girl isn’t used to these below freezing temperatures! Today I’m wearing two jackets, three shirts, two pairs of pants, two pairs of socks and I’m still cold!

    Yesterday we were even sharing the Good News to a worker in one of the temples! So fun.


  • 19Jan

    Yay for McDonald’s free wifi! Enjoy a picture from Rachel’s hometown.


  • 17Jan

    Here I am in Seoul waiting for my next flight. The airport here seems a lot like the Beijing or Shanghai airport, there’s nothing special about it but then again I haven’t exactly walked around.


    The flight over wasn’t that bad, a special thanks to my friend NyQuil. I was given a lovely going away present of a cold right before I left. Not ideal, right now as I can barely hear out of my left ear due to all the fluid that got stuck there during the descent. Thank goodness we have two ears! I feel more stuffed up than before, but at least I was able to sleep through most of the flight.

    I did get the opportunity to watch 2.5 movies. Moneyball, The Help and half of Terri. Anyone that likes baseball should watch Moneyball, especially if you like the statistics of it all. The Help was good, but not quite as a funny as I thought it would be. Terri was an interesting but very slow “independent-ish” film, but we landed before I could see the end.

    I really enjoyed my last visit back in the States. I got to hang out with my cousins a bunch, go to two hockey games, visit Disneyland, go down to San Diego 3 times, play/coach football twice and meet my brother’s future wife!

    I am excited for what this coming year is going to bring! I get to start it off with going to TianJin to celebrate Chinese New Year with my Twin! I am excited to see a different family’s traditions. My twin lives in the city so it should be a pretty different experience in comparison to the village.

    I will spend a week in TianJin before going back to Kunming for a night and then heading back to the same village that I usually go to after that. After another week there I’ll spend some time in Kunming again before finally going home to Wenshan. I’m bringing back 3 full bags of gifts so it’ll be fun to get to deliver them all!

    Here’s some fun pictures that I took over my break! Enjoy! Write more when I get to China!





  • 14Jan

    Hey friends!

    For Christmas I got an iPhone so then I found a blog app! If this works it should hopefully this means an easier way to blog! It should mean that I can use my phone to take pictures and then upload them easier!


    Here’s a picture I took while at Disney’s California Adventure. I love the different lights that they have there!

    I’m back to China on Tuesday!

    More to come!



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