• 20Feb

    So after living here now for 2 plus years I’ve been exposed to a lot of different foods and even some of my tastes have changed. So I thought I’d share some pictures I’ve taken of food.


    Chef LupLup at her finest! A typical meal especially when I’m the one cooking. Eggs and tomatoes and then a tofu dish in brown sauce and of course a bowl of rice!


    Here in WenShan the rice noodles are amazing and amazingly cheap! This rather large bowl (which includes meat, mushrooms, cabbage, and some other veggies) is six Chinese dollars or less than one US dollar! It’s usually pretty tough to finish the whole bowl without feeling stuffed to the brim. It’s made fresh right in front of you and makes it pretty hard to want to cook at home when you know that this is an alternate option!


    Here are some dishes from when I was in TianJin. They include things like bamboo shoots, white turnips, and black fungus. In TianJin every dish was a little sweet. Every area in China tends to have a little bit different flavor. Kind of like how in the south everything has a fried butter flavor or everything at my cousin’s house has a bacon flavor. In Kunming or WenShan things are usually salty or spicy and sometimes sour.


    Snacks here are also different. Kids are often seen snacking on chewy spicy oily tofu sticks. In TianJin I was given this honey sugar substance on a stick. It was um….. sweet and very sticky. You are given two sticks so that you can spin it and help to prevent it from slowly dropping down.

    Well if none of those are appealing to you I guess you can always go with the other option….


    Throw your pig in the river.

    I’ll try to throw in more food photos in the future!


  • 08Feb

    A picture of what I get to see every morning from when I step out of my door! The picture doesn’t quite do it justice, but that mountain in the background always looks fake to me. I feel as though it’s just a blue screen image.


  • 08Feb

    Do you ever find yourself not wanting to wear your seatbelt but can’t stand hearing that annoying beep or looking at that red light? Well there is a solution for that! Here we have the “I don’t want survive a car crash buckle”. Fits perfectly in the lock and will prevent any and all belt lash during a car crash!



  • 05Feb
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    An interesting bike perfect for people with no arms?


  • 03Feb

    So this year I went to two places to celebrate the Chinese New Year. As you’ve already seen I was in TianJin for the actual new year’s night but then 3 days later I went back to the village to spend a week there.

    New Year’s in TianJin was a great new experience. The city is full of culture and history. There are a lot of historical buildings and areas there. Apparently in the 1900s there were quite a bit of Europeans that came to TianJin to help industrialize it. They established banks and built European style buildings. So there are a lot if places throughout the city where you can really see the Western influence in architecture. There is even a whole section called Italian Style Street.


    You can kind of see some of the architecture here in this picture. But you can also see that I am frozen. At this time it was about 4 below zero Celsius and I couldn’t even feel my feet. Correct that I could feel the pulsating pain that comes from your body when it is so cold. I was honestly a little worried that I was going get frostbite! Luckily I was able to keep all my toes.

    Every place in China seems to have different traditions from Chinese New Year. It’s very much like Christmas in America where every family has different rules about where to celebrate, when to open gifts and what to eat. In TianJin they spent most of the New Year’s Eve early afternoon making dumplings, then playing MahJong, then cooking dinner, eating dinner, then eating dumplings, then setting off fireworks, THEN waiting for 12 o’clock so they could eat again! Crazy. A lot of food, but a lot of fun having good conversation over good food.


    Here we all are. This is Rachel’s dad’s family. (Grandpa, grandma, uncle and his family and aunt and her family).


    Mmm dumplings. Very tasty.

    While in TianJin I also got to ride one of the bullet trains. The one I was on went up to just under 300kmph or 180mph. It was very smooth and really great. We made it from TianJin to Beijing in a little over 30 minutes.

    From TianJin I went to Kunming for a night and then off to DongChuan again to spend time with Ruth’s family. It was great to see them again!

    This year they waited for me to kill the chicken. Sorry no pig this year, BUT take a look at this picture!

    Guess who has the knife in their hand!


    Yep that’s right I killed my first chicken! Don’t mess with me!

    In other news, WeiWei is getting bigger! I delivered some gifts from America and she absolutely loved playing with it. Here she is playing with her new Play-Doh tools and placemats! She played with it everyday!


    It definitely was a fun Chinese New Year again this year. I can’t wait to see what next year brings.



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