• 08Feb

    A picture of what I get to see every morning from when I step out of my door! The picture doesn’t quite do it justice, but that mountain in the background always looks fake to me. I feel as though it’s just a blue screen image.


    Posted by LupLup @ 9:24 pm

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  • 2 Lups Mom Says:

    Ominous looking…

    This apartment building has a little more architectural style to it compared to your tall towers in Kunming! Comes with graffiti on the parking spot? And what is the yellow metal thing next to the writing?

  • LupLup Says:

    First off, I live in the boring building to the right that is just a tall tower! Haha.
    Second, the graffiti is a 44 that parking space number.
    Third, the metal thing is a parking space saver. The owner of that parking space can open it so it stands tall when they aren’t using their spot to make sure no one else will yoink it when they’re gone.

  • Pips Says:

    One thing that I love about WS is that mountains are there surround the town. Mountains always excites me and makes me think of life, haha! Now I’m sitting in the office, working on my thesis and getting bored 🙁

  • Net2 Says:

    Is the road going up hill (towards the mountain)?

    I like the parking space saver idea.

  • LupLup Says:

    Yeah I live on a pretty steep hill. I apparently replaced 4 flights of stairs with an uphill climb. I can’t seem to escape exercise!