• 15Mar

    I don’t know if I’ve ever had quite the appreciation for the ability to read as I have in these past weeks. Literacy is just something that was never a question. I grew up being read to (whether I liked it or not) and then I went to school through college. So NOT being able to read was never really an option.

    But a situation here has really brought this whole thing into perspective.

    Imagine this:

    Growing up no one really cared if you went to school or not. Maybe you even quit school early so that your parents wouldn’t have to pay school fees for both you and your younger sister. Your parents never went to school so they can’t teach you much, nor are they really interested in teaching you whatever they know. They don’t see school things as life skills and therefore you’ve never really had any opportunity to learn to read or write. Even when it comes to writing your own name you don’t even know where to start.

    Fast forward to a point when you’re ready to start a new job. It’s in a bakery and your job is to operate the giant ovens. Your job is to properly bake the breads and cakes at the right temperature and for the right amount of time. You quickly realize that you’ve never seen this many different types of breads, cookies, cakes and things before. Before, this bread was just bread and cakes were just cakes. There were no fancy names to them! But now each bread item has its’ own rules and its’ own name! How on earth are you going to be able to keep all of them straight? You go to grab a paper to start writing down the instructions but how! You don’t know how to write words and too many of the breads are too similar to be able draw pictures! There’s a list on the wall that tells you exactly how to prepare all the different breads but it’s all unreadable to you.

    I couldn’t imagine how hard this could be!

    Just stop and think about how much you actually use your ability to read and write! From making a shopping list to reading a street sign to reading my blog! Reading really is everywhere!

    Just think about how limited your job options really become when you can’t read or write. But illiteracy really is something that can be fixed. Its a cycle that can be broken.

    So go out and read a book, the news, write an email to a friend. Enjoy the blessings of literacy. Because if you couldn’t read, then this picture wouldn’t have anything funny in it!




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