• 28Mar

    What happens when you’re counting little piggies and one goes to the market, one stays home, then one eats the roast beef, then one had none and then one runs home, but then there’s still one left? ?

    I know a few posts back I posted about a little orphan with six toes on one foot, but I just wanted to write a little more about her. Xiao Yi (shh -oww then “e” like the letter name) and I have a really fun relationship.

    (picture removed for security reasons…)

    Our relationship started simply because she was one of the few kids who’s name I could actually remember! I suck at remember names in English but names in Chinese are like a hundred times harder to remember! So it was cool that her name was “Little Yi”. Simple. So because I could call her name it meant that I could be anywhere in the orphanage and call her and she would come.

    Now when I call her name this huge smile comes across her face and it just makes me so happy! We play chase and she loves to be throw into the air (and of course being caught). She is definitely one of the highlights about going to the orphanage.

    The other week I got to hold a not even one month old baby! So precious. These babies are so sweet and your heart just wants to adopt them all!

    So what happens when you’re counting fingers and then decide that having one less finger might mean that you don’t have to spend so much time counting them?

    Last week I had quite an interesting day. My roommate Rachel (my twin) and I decided to go home for lunch. We had a rather nice lunch and realized that we still had some time before we needed to head out, so we decided to do a bit of cleaning. Above our stove we have one of those fan things that suck up the greasy steam smoke that comes when you’re cooking (Chinese cooking involves pan frying or using a wok to cook everything so there’s a lot of smoke grease stuff). So this thing has these panel things to catch the grease and they were getting kinda gross so we decided to take them out and clean them. All was going great we were able to remove the panels, open them and start the cleaning process. Because they were so greasy I figured soaking them in hot soapy water would help the process along. As I’m flipping over one of the panels it starts to slip. Apparently in China it’s a good idea to make these things sharp so as its slipping I try to catch it. It’s about as smart as catching a knife. So slice. Oww. So I quickly grab my finger to help stop the bleeding. I am trying to tell Rachel what I need and I start to get dizzy. So I tell her I think I need to sit down for a second. I go to the kitchen table and ask for some water. But then that whole weird can’t hear, light head, pale face feeling is all around me. Rachel says that she turns around to get some more water and when she turns to give it to me I’m starting to slump out of the chair passed out! I hear someone calling my name waking me up from some weird dream. I immediately think that I’ve overslept for work and start to wonder why my alarm didn’t wake me up! Then I open my eyes to find her panicked face in my face and her hand holding my finger with a bunch a blood in her hand! It all comes back to me what’s going on and I ask how long I was out and she says just a few seconds. Yikes! So then I’m all nauseous and have a headache from all of the adrenaline that was running through my body. I get rid of my lunch and finally start to feel a little better. Luckily my mom had sent over a huge supply of band aids in one package and this last time I brought back Gorilla Tape (like Duct tape but better). I band-aid-ed my finger then covered it with tape to get the compression effect. Painful but so necessary (especially if I wanted to avoid going to a Chinese hospital for stitches!). By the early evening I was basically back to normal. But what a ride. It’s always an adventure here!


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