• 31Mar

    Do you ever find your job boring with little to no adventure? Have you ever wished that you could get out from behind the desk and enjoy the day? Have you ever wanted to add a little risk to your job that might be more than the risk of a paper cut? Ever wish you could strap propane to your motorcycle and drive around China to see how long could survive? If you answered yes to all of these questions then I have the perfect job for you!


    May I present the propane delivery guy. He is often strapped down with at least 4 tanks of propane and protected by a hardhat. I could understand trusting your own driving skills but when you live in China you never know what the other cars are going to do thats a crazy risk! What happens if you wipe out and tanks are opened and sparks are flying? Boom?


    Posted by LupLup @ 12:32 am

2 Responses

  • 2 Lups Mom Says:

    No, BOOOOM!!!

    He does look like he might toss one of those tanks at you for taking his picture…

  • Robert Says:

    “Bobby, there are few jobs in life more important than selling propane and propane accessories.”