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    Life has been very busy lately! Whew. But luckily a lot of that busy is spending time with some pretty amazing kids.

    Hopefully you’ve all seen previous stories about WeiWei. For those who are newer to this blog WeiWei is basically my little sister. I have gone to her village four times (mostly during Chinese New Year). I lived with her oldest sister for almost 2 years in Kunming. So I can easily say that her family is my Chinese family.

    Recently I’ve been playing more of a “Mom” role than anything. I’ve been able to see real quick just how tough it is to raise a child. WeiWei (along with her parents) in March, moved down to Wenshan for work reasons. So we enrolled WeiWei in a preschool which not only helps her learn but is also a great babysitter. Preschool here is 7:30-5:00. None of that half day nonsense like in the States. Her parents often get off work around 6ish so that leaves me to go pick her up and play for awhile. On the weekends I turn into a full time sister/mom. We often go down to the orphanage together on Saturday and then to fellowship on Sundays! She’s a great kid. Listens really well and the only time she gets whinny is when she needs a nap. It’s been a lot of work even including a few sessions of her testing me. Luckily I was a kid who thought (emphasis on THOUGHT) I could outsmart my patents and manipulate them to get what I wanted, so I’m on to her when she’s “trying” me. With the great example from my parents I am able to hold firm and WIN! Haha! So now she knows when I’m serious. (with no throat clearing needed…). This whole experience has definitely given me a better perspective on what it takes to be a parent. I can now confirm that I am responsible for aging my mother! Sorry Mom!

    Last week WeiWei’s big sister came down to Wenshan for a visit. Her sister had promised that if she was well behaved that she would buy her a princess dress. Here is the result of our shopping adventure.

    Apparently with the dress comes the princess attitude. A day after, while she was still wearing her dress, she’s walking along the road demanding someone to throw something away for her. At the end of the sentence she adds, “Because I’m a princess!”. Haha.

    Princess number 2 comes to us from the orphanage.

    This little girl is an orphan potentially with syphilis. At least that is what all the ladies at the orphanage say. Every time someone goes over to her bed they all tell people to not go over there cause she’s sick. Our friend Katy has taken a liking to her an decided that if it is syphilis it’s nothing to worry about. So she started playing and holding her all to the skeptical eye of the ladies. She was sharing with me that loving this child outweighs any risk of syphilis or anything else that the baby could have. So I’m sure that when Katy is around this little girl feels like a real princess!

    Now every story about a princess needs a “bad guy” so this blog is no exception.

    May I present REAL snake oil? This was taken at my local pharmacy. Could you imagine a CVS or Walgreens selling this?



    Next update should be about my English corner!



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