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    One of our ministries right now is hosting an English corner. What does that mean? On Sunday afternoons, for two hours, we provide an opportunity for locals to come practice their English in a casual environment. When we first started last year we would average around 3 students. We are now up to averaging 15! Most of the people who come are high schoolers with a few middle school kids, a handful of college students and a few adults. It’s a great opportunity not only for us to get to help these kids with their English but it also gives us an opportunity to get them to start thinking about deeper questions.

    Every month we have an activity for them. This past month we took them to a local Western style restaurant. We bought some pizzas and nachos for them to eat (some who had never had it before) and then we talked about some of the etiquette of eating “Western style”.

    Here’s a photo of the group!


    We’ve even had a few students asking more questions about why we’re here in China which gives us a chance to share about that aspect of our lives. Some of those same kids have been asking really deep questions like “what’s the meaning of life?” “is there more to life?” etc.

    It really has been one of the huge highlights for me. My weekends are busy with going to the orphanage and hosting English corner but I love it.


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  • 2 Lups Mom Says:

    And what did they think about eating pizza and nachos?!

  • LupLup Says:

    A lot of them didn’t like the cheese on the pizza, especially if they hadn’t had it before.

    The nachos were more like chips and salsa but the reviews on that were pretty positive.

  • Gabe Says:

    What do they usually like to talk about or curious about? I’m going to in English Corners in upcoming mission trip, so I want to get ‘ready’.

  • LupLup Says:

    We usually pick a topic for the discussion to at least start with. So one week we did “what does it mean to be a friend?”. So we prepared some questions about qualities of a good friend. Last week we talked about jobs and occupations. Should you pursue a career for the money, because your parents say so or because you love that kind of work.

    It really up to you, but it’s best to go in prepared and not to just expect spontaneous conversation. Sometimes you’ll get off topic but as long as they’re practicing English or thinking deeper it usually doesn’t matter.

    We try to add some group games to make sure that it’s fun too. Just like ice breaker games and what not.

    When and where are you going? Oh yeah and make sure that you know ht he you’re teaching and their language level. That will play a big part into what you can talk about. We try to group similar levels together in small groups just do everyone can learn and participate.

    Have fun!